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Pregnancy style: Two favourite items

Sorry about the silence that took over last week. I got caught up in the middle of updating or upgrading and backing up my laptop, not to mention sorting through thousands of photos, videos and documents. And seeing as I am 38 weeks pregnant, technological advances, stress and multi-tasking come with limitations.

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Mixed Tape: My labour playlists

When the time comes, having the right music available and on hand is very important to me so I made two labour playlists.

One is called Labour. The other Slow Labour.

One is packed with rock songs, classics I love to dance to and other weird and wonderful favourites that hold good memories for me. The other makes me cry. Ha! I meant, chill. Both have voices I love and tunes that make me happy.

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1. Infused water combinations and their benefits.

2. Improve your memory with this simple trick.

3. Be Natural, my go-to health food shop in Nicosia, is celebrating 8 years with tons of offers you shouldn’t miss.

4. 20 accidentally vegan foods. 

5.  7 things airlines don’t want you to know. 

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style and beauty

Free and easy beauty trick: The ice cube facial

I am at that stage in my pregnancy where everything is swollen.

My hands, feet, boobs, ass and face are all nice and round as my mum elegantly put it the other day. Whenever possible I’ve been lying around with my legs up in the air and I am trying to lessen the hours I spend on my laptop because typing is doing no favours to my aching hands and wrists.

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Cool and comfy mama t-shirts

1. The Bee and The Fox: These t-shirts were what inspired this post to begin with. I love the typography, the contrast ringer binding at the neckline and sleeves and they also look super comfy. Shop on Etsy.

2. Female Collective: Feminism is celebrated in all its glory over at Female Collective where the t-shirts look a tad plain but nevertheless I love all the statements they boldly make.