1. There’s a Women’s Self-defence two-day workshop taking place in Nicosia next weekend. Definitely worth checking out.

2. Nowhere near ready to start looking into baby stuff but if I was I would love to get my hands on all this.

3. Are you going to the Birth Forward event tomorrow? I’m so excited. See you there.

overpraising our children

Are you guilty of overpraising your child?

During a Sunday walk in Limassol I saw something that sparked this post. A little girl who could not have been younger than six years old was holding a carrot and attempting to feed it to a donkey that was pulling a carriage. Turns out this was something akin to mathematical problem solving because the mother could not have been more ecstatic that her daughter had figured out how to feed a carrot to a donkey. The word ‘bravo’ was said more than five times. Clapping was involved and various other cheering effects.

baby on board

Baby on Board sign: Yay or Nay?

Ages ago, before I became a mother, I was enjoying an alfresco lunch with another non-parent when a car drove by bearing one of those Baby on Board signs. He pointed it out and proceeded to ask what the point of the sign was. “As if I would drive any differently around them if they didn’t have the sign on their car window. Do they want some kind of special privilege?” To be honest I though the exact same thing. I just couldn’t see the point in making this public declaration. I actually found them to be quite annoying.


Valentines Day gift ideas for your man

I’m going to go ahead and assume that mostly women visit and read this blog therefore there is absolutely no need for a post called Valentines Gifts for Her. One called Valentines Gifts for HIM on the other hand would be warmly welcomed. Am I right?

So (with papa in mind) here’s a list of some alternative V Day gifts that won’t break the bank and you can definitely make happen by Sunday.

star wars stuff


1. I have a lot of kids.

2. Times my children want to talk to me. Too funny.

3. I think I’m an outgoing introvert.

4. I had never heard this version of Suspicious Minds.  

5. Garlic and asparagus and mushrooms. Oh my!

6. Might be attending this event in Nicosia. You should come too. Its called My Body, My Journey, My Birth.