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Cyprus Christmas gift guide: Romeo Tees

Well, it’s finally here! Christmas trees are popping up in malls and coffee shops and I’ve already heard Jingle Bells playing on the radio twice so let’s do this! This year, I have decided to start a gift guide of sorts with a special focus on local businesses/shops/artists. I urge you to hold off on your international Christmas shopping as much as you can because you’ll be amazed to see what our little island has to offer. So keep your eyes peeled for great recommendations, original and unique gift ideas that will help support small local businesses.

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The Parent Hood // 24

1. Finally a radio station that plays The Beatles and Beck and everything in between. U Radio you have a fan in me.

2. An extremely pregnant woman talking to a maternity customer service desk.  Hilarious and sooo true!

3. An Oscar-nominated short film of John Lennon’s ramblings. A must-see if you’re a Lennon fan.

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Four gifts // want-need-wear-read

As a mother, I have a love/hate relationship with gift giving during the holiday season. While I appreciate friends and family showing their love for Georgie, I don’t appreciate the limitless chaos that normally takes place. That’s why, for the last three years, we have a new tradition when it comes to Christmas shopping. The Four Gifts advice or rule if you will, is one of my favourites and one that has been successfully applied when planning Georgie’s gifts.

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Kids menu at a brunch spot in Nicosia

Over the past year or two, here in Nicosia, we’ve witnessed an eruption of brunch spots and while I couldn’t be happier about the progress being made in the culinary department of my city, I have my favourite: Get Fresh. There are lots of reasons why I love this place and now I’ve got one more.  I was there picking up a juice the week before my birthday when I spotted a Kids Menu section on their brunch menu. How awesome! So on the morning of my birthday while papa had a few things to do, Georgie and I headed to Get Fresh for some brunch.

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Odd Ends

1. We went to see Pan. Although I really wanted to see The Martian.

2. This fella climbed out of bag of spinach.

3. Crappy iPhone photo of the most awesome TWD birthday cake my sister made me.

4. Finally found the black velvet fabric I’ve been looking for to reupholster my kitchen stools.

5. I get excited with silly things like alphabet stamps.