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How I made my stretch marks disappear

Every night, after I shower, I feel like kicking myself because I keep forgetting to write this post. It’s one of those things that I know will help women experiencing what I experienced. When I was pregnant with James a dreaded stretch mark appeared on my lower belly. 


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New shop alert: Hugå Studio in Nicosia

This blog post HAD to happen. Why? Because there were signs. First there was the mention of Hygge on Weeds, which I started watching a few weeks ago. Then there was a random post about the Hygge Manifesto on one of my favourite blogs. And of course before all this, I heard of the Hugå Studio opening in Nicosia.


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Christening Day

James’ christening day! It was an absolutely gorgeous day filled with love and laughter, But I’m glad it’s over. Big events tend to stress me out especially when I’m the one organising them. But the day unfolded beautifully and was made possible by a big group of people I would like to thank. 



Not your typical Valentines Day cards

Excuse the absolute nothingness that has taken over the blog this past week. We are gearing up for James’ christening this weekend and the to-do lists seem to be never-ending. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces from this family event because I have worked closely with a bunch of local artists and small businesses for all the details that come with organising such a popular event. But first, Valentines Day cards! 


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Buddha Bowls

A few months ago I came across a blog post on Buddha Bowls. Have you heard of them? As far as I’m concerned this is exactly the type of excitement that healthy eating was missing. A big bowl packed with all sorts of colourful goodies, a custom-made dish with which you can let your imagination run wild.