20 life changes that come with a baby

all new 004This is a post I have been meaning to complete since I first started this blog. The number of changes a woman experiences after having a baby are endless. Some are hilarious, others downright depressing but all become subsequent changes of the type of love you cannot live without.

1. Face masks should never be applied unless you are certain your kids are fast asleep. Walking into their bedroom in the middle of the night to calm them from a nightmare with a face mask on can be a regretful experience.

2. TV show marathons on long, lazy afternoons? Ha!

3. Getting out the door quickly can be done if you and the little ones sleep in your clothes and eat breakfast in the car. And if you’ve spent half the night prepping for the next day. Impossible.

4. Long phone conversations with your girlfriends always take place late at night. And even then, nothing can be guaranteed.

5. Forget those white trousers or jeans. Just put them away.

6. Alarm clocks can become a thing of the past. I didn’t even know how to set the alarm clock on my iPhone before Georgie went to school.

7. Did you decide to skip laundry day? You’ll regret it later.

8. Your spouse is a figure you cannot live without as are grandparents and anyone else who has the ability to babysit.

9. Do you enjoy going to the movies? Unless you have one of the above mentioned individuals, forget about it.

10. A clean house is no longer a priority. Unless you plan on driving yourself mad.

11. You stop shopping for yourself and actually enjoy shopping for someone else.

12. Are you feeling under the weather? Tummy hurts, blinding headaches won’t cease? Get over it.

13. It’s Friday night! Let’s go crazy and go to bed at 10 instead of 9.

14. You have a newfound respect and sympathy for the mother with the screaming baby at the supermarket, in the airplane or shop.

15. A trip to the hairdresser’s is a luxury. Don’t even get me started on a mani/pedi.

16. You stare at poo and try to decipher its meaning through colour, texture and smell.

17. You replace ‘fuck’ with ‘flip’ and ‘shit’ with ‘sugar’.

18. You only eat at restaurants with a playground.

19. You gain a bath/shower and toilet friend.

20. You become fearless, respect your body, think about someone else a million times a day and would never have it any other way.

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  • Reply Ratisha Goyal February 1, 2016 at 10:19 am

    Ofcourse, life takes a 360 degrees change but what you have in your arms smiling at you, makes you forget all the pains and sacrifices you had to make, isn’t it?

    • Reply georgie's mummy February 1, 2016 at 3:19 pm

      It goes without saying! thanks Ratisha.

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