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April 2012

let's play

messy sundays

It was soooo hot today! But it’s not so bad when you have a child. They love going to the beach and you don’t mind being at the beach. Come to think of it things probably aren’t that relaxed when there’s sand, water and an excited toddler running about.Water stresses me out. Even giving Georgie a bath can worry me – i won’t take my eyes off him even for a second! And i mean that!- so what is the beach experience going to be like? Hopefully I’ll live through it without giving myself a heart attack. Today even though we were sea side we didn’t actually go very close to the sea. None of us were beach-ready so Georgie had to make do with a puddle.Over this past week Georgie has become more familiar with the term Hold My Hand. It was a struggle especially since he’s such a little adventurer. But then something magical happened and I happen to think it’s one of the cutest things ever!Guess what Georgie did shortly after? i was sooooo jealous!Our final chapter of the day included eating a big bowl of cereal while bursting water bubbles with daddy. It’s amazing how something so simple can keep kids occupied for ages!

let's play

colours and loved ones

So yesterday i managed to tick off quite a few things off my list. I washed my hair -and used a mask!- painted my nails-and toenails!- spring-cleaned Georgie’s wardrobe and watched My Week with Marilyn. What an actress michelle williams is! Truly impressed! And of course totally mesmerized by Marilyn and her life.

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It’s friday. Thank you.

I have just dropped Georgie off at his grandmother’s. He will be staying the night and i have no plans so here’s what I’ll do

1. Wash my hair.. I can’t even remember that last time…think it was Saturday. Eeek! maybe i should put on a mask too.

2. Cut my toenails. Why is everything I am mentioning so gross?

in the kitchen, let's play

berry ice lollies and new shoes

Now that summer is approaching fast, fruits are on the menu for my baby boy. He was only a few months old last year and just about getting started with solids so we didn’t get a chance to experiment a lot. I finally found some organic strawberries to mix with some frozen cranberries -you can’t get them in any other form in Cyprus, unfortunately- some banana and a bit of milk and made ice lollies. I only just made them so I’ll let you know if he likes them tomorrow.on another note, how do you like Georgie’s new Converse All Star trainers. I am obsessed with All Star trainers and knew they would definitely be my baby’s first shoes, even before he was born. These are ultra cool and looked fabulous with his black leggings.

let's play

playtime in the sand

We spent the day in Larnaca with my parents and grandparents. We stopped off for a bite by the sea, which meant that Georgie could get his first taste of sand- literally! I wasn’t well prepared- just a bucket and a few toys. no towel, no change of clothes but that didn’t seem to bother Georgie who enjoyed himself so much, I felt bad thinking about how I was going to get all that sand off him!