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April 2012

odd ends

odd ends

Yesterday was Georgie’s name day. Name days are a HUGE deal in Cyprus. People celebrate the day more than they do their birthdays. My in laws are people. So it was only natural that Georgie would have a big day and night ahead of him. He had a nap during the afternoon but it was nowhere near enough for him to last until 8. I stressed just about enough to forget my camera -so sorry but no pics. He ended up lasting until 9 when he started running around in circles, sulking and throwing his hands in the air in protest. I grabbed a tupperware my mother in law prepared for me and took him home. He was in bed by 9.30 but didn’t sleep his usual 12 hours. He slept 10 which isn’t bad I know. But how true is it that the earlier you put them to bed the more hours they’ll sleep.


my daddy’s a race car driver!!!

We were all pretty damn proud of papa today. He drove his super fast car for the first time in a very long time across the Acnha Speedway track. Bravo papa! It takes ALOT of time and effort to do what he has done together with a very impressive team. I admire his dedication.x

home and design, in the kitchen


on Friday my brother turned 24! We threw him a sort of impromptu surprise party which he really appreciated despite saying he hates surprises. I mean, who hates surprises???After dropping Georgie off at grandma’s I turned up the volume on my new Black Keys album and got ready. New Rolling Stones t-shirt on display!i was in charge of the decorations…but obviously not very observant when it came to picking them out! It turns out i also need work in photographing surprise parties because I failed to get my brother’s expression when he walked in. Happy birthday bro!xxx

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at home…

  I rarely stay home with Georgie. He was days old when I took him out and to the mall for the first time. Granted it isn’t the most creative of places but it was cold and I was in dire need of a shopping trip. Plus I think it’s good for kids to learn to be out and about instead of cooped up indoors in front of the TV-gasp! Even if it’s just for a walk outside, leaving the apartment’s four cold walls makes me feel better and therefore baby feels better too. Yesterday the weather wasn’t too kind though- extremely windy and dusty, the worst when you’re suffering with allergies- so we ended up staying indoors. We listened to some music- we’re currently loving the new Black Keys album- read our new Puppies book and somewhere along the line I found time to tidy my wardrobe and put away my winter coats. Georgie found time to mess around.

in the kitchen

yummy time…with no meat!

Anyone who lives in Cyprus or celebrates Easter the way we do will understand my need for a non-meat dish after the thousands of kilos of lamb, pork and beef we’ve all consumed over the past few days. for years I didn’t eat red meat. wouldn’t touch the stuff with a barge pole. then all of a sudden- i can’t actually pinpoint the moment- I loved it! Couldn’t get enough and still can’t. however i have limited my intake somewhat mainly due to my obsession with organic meat and the lack of it here in Cyprus. you can get mincemeat and pork chops from very few selected health food stores but even then the price tag is so terrifying you wish you never saw it in the first place.So this dish is a favourite in our house. Green beans, potatoes, onion, fresh tomatoes and a bit of tomato juice all boiling away for about half an hour, produce this tasty and healthy meal. you can add chicken or even beef cubes. This was another healthy meal I rustled up yesterday. Asparagus, peppers, tomatoes with lots of olive oil and some cheese, oven baked! Bread was accompanied by a fish pate. Tuna, parsley, olive oil, pepper, garlic, horseradish, lemon, onion and cream were all put in a blender. Ta da! You can get the recipe off Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.Of course asparagus is just as good tossed with loads of olive oil, pepper and salt and popped in the oven. I added boiled potatoes later on and let it sit in the oven until they were nice and crunchy. And since we’re on the subject of non meat, here’s Georgie munching away on one of the healthiest snacks.Been meaning to mention this amazing homemade crunchy peanut butter that has come in handy when mummy needs energy but hasn’t got the time. Plus it’s so pretty, it puts a spring in my step.Everything minus the crunchy peanut butter are foods Georgie loves and is able to eat without the spoon fed requirement.