and the fun just keeps on coming…

More fun in the sun for Georgie today when we visited yiayia and pappou – grandparents- in the village of Agios Georgios tou Kafkalou. Their whole family was there barbecuing, eating, drinking and singing, much to Georgie’s delight who even gave them a little show. He danced, clapped his hands and tried singing along! Some […]

Easter Sunday

I took so many pictures today, sorting through them gave me a headache. Actually it’s my bloody allergies that have given me a headache. Hayfever plagues me EVERY year and no, it didn’t ‘pass’ with my pregnancy. period pains, yes. But not my hay fever. Anyhoo, despite the strange weather- super hot one minute, cold […]

say hello to our little friend

Papa brought home a little surprise yesterday. His name is Evo named after papa’s super fast Evolution rally car. Haha, right? Anyway Georgie seemed more interested in grabbing the jar and smashing it against his head so Evo is currently living by the window munching away on a lettuce leaf. In other news, we paid […]

yummy time

I promised myself i wouldn’t give in to all that baby talk and ridiculous words some people come up with when talking to kids – especially here in Cyprus- but when we’re on the subject of food none other than yummy sounds appropriate. Anyway, Georgie doesn’t like long meals. Like most kids his age he […]


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