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May 2012

in the kitchen, let's play

water, baby

   There’s a reason I sort of ‘believe’ in star signs. Georgie’s a Pisces and guess what? he LOVES water! I don’t know if all kids are as obsessed with water as my little dude is. If so then I have a question, parents? how do you ever get them away from it??? You have no idea how much the poor thing cried when it was time to go. He was inconsolable. When we’re at the beach, things aren’t so bad. But give him a hose, water and trees and he can mess around all day- now if only he had all day. Today he helped his grandfather water the cucumbers, courgettes and tomato patches. He was having so much fun until he got too wet, bedtime was approaching and I had stuff to do. He cried all the way home…all 10 


bringing sweetness and creativity to your day

I was so excited about figuring out Instagram yesterday, I completely forgot to explain what it is for those who are less tech-savvy than me- that means you mum! Instagram is a brilliant photo sharing app that boasts a number of filters for your photos so you can make them look really cool and old! Moving on, this morning I would like to post a link to one of my favourite blogs, bluebird vintage. Check out James and Aubrey’s wedding video. It is without a doubt one of the sweetest and most creative I have ever seen. part-three.html

on our island

seek refuge in the mountains

  When temperatures begin to soar seek refuge in the mountains. Seriously! It was the kind of weather where you kinda need a cardigan but bearing your shoulders is just as much an option whereas in the city you just wanted to shoot yourself. Kakopetria, the village we chose to spend our Sunday, relaxes me. The absolutely amazing food at the Ais Giorkis tavern is unbeatable and so are the loukoumades (honey balls) served at a cute outdoor cafe with a playground! Needless to say, it took four people to keep up with the little dude after he had three honey balls! The drive to the village is also totally worth it especially if you’re accompanying over ten different colored vintage Minis. A day well-spent. x