6 podcasts I’ve been listening to

I spend a lot of time in my car. We don’t live close to Georgie’s school so everyday I have a good hour seated behind a steering wheel. Traffic used to be a problem but not anymore because I have discovered podcasts! I’m actually not even ashamed to admit that I would rather click the podcast app on my phone and connect it to the car audio system instead of blasting my usual tunes. I might be a bit late to the podcast party nevertheless because I find them so freaking awesome and have become obsessed I wanted to share my favourite ones, so far.


If you want/like: to laugh out loud with parenting issues we all face yet don’t speak of

Then listen to: Dirty Mother Pukka

Why I like it:¬†It really doesn’t get anymore hilariously and refreshingly honest than this. British parenting humour at its best. On a more serious note but keeping with the tone of the show, there’s also talk of miscarriages, which was one of the latest podcasts I loved. And you get to hear from a group of mums and dads, separately, which is a first.


If you want/like: true crime in all its glory

Then listen to: Serial

Why I like it: I have a slight obsession with true crime. It fascinates me and makes me regret that I didn’t become a detective because I would be a great one, let me tell you! Serial, a two-season podcast, has an investigative journalist tone to it, which I particularly like and uncovers details on two crimes that took place in the States. Cases of ‘Who did it?’


If you want/like: spiritual awakening aha moments

Then listen to: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Why I like it: I’ve never been a big Oprah fan but I am a Bren√© Brown fan and that’s how I discovered this series of interviews with thought-leaders, authors, health and wellness experts which is based on the TV mogul’s Emmy award-winning series SuperSoul Sunday. Can’t wait to listen to interviews with Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle, Elizabeth Gilbert and Deepak Chopra.


If you want/like: to laugh hysterically at a 30-something year old reading aloud and critiquing his dad’s sexual fantasies.

Then listen to: My dad wrote a porno

Why I like it: This guy’s retired dad actually wrote a porno and instead of dying of embarrassment he decided to read it to the world. It’s original and downright hilarious and it has over 90 million downloads! Crazy! Honestly, there’s nothing like it and if you’re a fan of good old fashioned British cynicism/comedy combined with listening to porn, this is for you.


If you want/like to listen to podcasts with your kids.

Then listen to: But why?

Why I like it: This is a podcast for curious kids and who doesn’t have one of those? So far Georgie has loved What is the biggest number and Why do people die. How are Babies Made was my personal favourite. Bonus: you’ll love it too.


If you want/like to hear the truth about vaginas and other tricky lady topics

Then listen to Ladies, We Need to Talk.

Why I like it: The ladies talk about all the stuff you discuss with your girlfriends. Well, at least I do. And they have real answers about questions most of us have. There’s graphic talk of what a healthy vagina looks like and thoughts on masturbation. The episode on Fat Talk was especially eye-opening for me.

In the time it’s taken me to compile this list I have discovered a dozen more fantastic podcasts I want to tell you about but that will have to be for another post. In the meantime if you have any recommendations please send them through.

So where do you listen to podcasts? Firstly, all podcasts are free. All you need is internet access and if you have a smartphone then you can download an app and listen from your phone. iTunes is a popular way to go but I use Spotify too. If you have an iPhone then you already have the Apple Podcast application.




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