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storing memories

storing memories

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my diaryOne day over the summer, my dad handed me a big cardboard box. It was packed with drawings and paintings, school report cards and birthday cards and even a diary I kept as a teenager. Memories and keepsakes from my childhood and a bunch of other utterly irreplaceable stuff were discovered during a cupboard clear-out and I could not be more thankful to my parents for saving every single piece.

My report cards made me laugh out loud. Especially the one that was written when I was four and a half. It mentions my sense of humour! Letters I wrote to Santa are downright adorable and such an insane pleasure to read. A diary that I began in 1995 was stored in the box too. It spans over eight years and became my favourite read this summer. But the best has to be my mother’s analytical documentation of each and every move I made as a baby and toddler. My first tooth, first lock of hair, various incidents that occurred, words and sentences I made up. Friends and family who came to my first birthday party are also listed as well as gifts I received.

Since Georgie was born I have kept a diary and a box with various bits and bobs, such as  his first movie/plane/train ticket or the first scribble and even a lock of his hair from his first haircut and man am I glad I did! Major life milestones were gathered and given to me, strengthening my belief in the importance of doing the same for my child.

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