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a lucky boy

     Georgie is a lucky boy. I am a firm believer in luck and know my child is blessed with so much goodness in his life, I can’t help but be grateful. He has a family who loves him. One that would die for him. I read and hear about children being abandoned or neglected everyday all around the world and realize that anything beyond love and health is simply embellishment in the life of a child. Don’t get me wrong. I know how important a new toy is but isn’t a walk to the park just as special to a two-year old? Georgie is lucky he has a papa who works so very hard to give him everything including a mummy who can be with him everyday. I hope he will grow up to appreciate the little things as well as the more expensive.

I received an e-mail from one of our favorite children’s store, Tigadoo, about a little event called Second Life. Under-used possessions and unwanted clothes are given a second life through Tigadoo’s initiative to give them a second life. On October 28, a second life sale will be held at the Materia Nursing and Rehabilitation Unit in Latsia. Drop off items at Tigadoo and see them make someone else just as happy as they once made you.

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