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Does your child take money to school?

Georgie has asked for money to buy something from the school canteen. Brand new scary¬†territory for me, guys. So here’s my question: Do you give your child money to take to school?

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10 easy five-minute hairstyles that are not topknots

Lately I have been making a conscious effort to stop pulling my hair into a topknot everyday. It’s the easiest and most practical style to pull off for all busy women with long hair but especially for mamas like me who have a kid attached to their hip and absolutely no time in the morning to make their heads look presentable. So here’s what’s been inspiring me lately to be a tad more creative with my hair. Five minute hairstyles, ladies!

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Words of Wisdom I would like on my walls

I love a good quote as much as the next person. But I’ve come across a few over the years that are pure excellence, they exude originality and speak to me in some way. And thus I would love to have them hanging on my walls. Here are my favourites.