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Beeswax can fight eczema

Georgie has eczema. Since he was three years old he’s suffered with the condition that causes dry, inflamed, irritable and itchy skin. While we are currently winning the battle against it by adjusting his diet- something I will write about soon- when James’s little legs started developing dry, red patches I immediately began trying out a plethora of home remedies I would once try with Georgie when he was a baby. One I had never tried, which I didn’t even think to try and which has shocked me with its effectiveness, is beeswax.

I received two jars of homemade beeswax balm a month ago as a gift from a lovely lady named Chryso. She makes a specific type of balm combination with honey produced in a village here in Cyprus so you know what that means. No paraffins and no nasty chemicals. It is, without an inch of exaggeration, 100% natural.

So while those two jars sat on my bathroom shelf, before it occurred to me to use them on James, I used the balm on my heels, knees, lips and hands as a moisturiser. Meanwhile on  James’ little legs I would continue with the usual eczema-battling ingredients: coconut oil, aloe vera and essential oils ok to use on a baby. They all worked for some time.

When I finally did realise that perhaps I should try it on him, I sent a message to the lovely Beeswax Lady asking if I could use it on a baby. Of course, she replied. But do a test patch first. Which I did. I was absolutely gobsmacked by the result the next day. Yes, that’s right. The very next day, that little test patch had cleared up his scaly and irritated skin.

I’ve been using this specific beeswax balm on both boys ever since and even told my sister about it as her littlest one also has sensitive, eczema-prone skin, which at some point was quite inflamed. She was just as amazed as I was by how quickly and effectively his skin got better.

In no way am I an expert on skin conditions but I have done a bit of research and discovered that not only does beeswax have major anti-flammatory and antibacterial properties, it can also act as a barrier against toxins from the environment which is one of the main issues with eczema. It contains Vitamin A that can boost cell production meaning it will effectively renew skin and it’s a brilliant moisturiser so even when the boys’ skin is fine, I still slap loads on after their bath.

Hands down, this is the best eczema or dry-skin natural treatment I have tried. Brilliant!


You can contact Chryso Reppa and order a jar of her homemade beeswax balm by e-mailing her at:

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