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Christening Day

James’ christening day! It was an absolutely gorgeous day filled with love and laughter, But I’m glad it’s over. Big events tend to stress me out especially when I’m the one organising them. But the day unfolded beautifully and was made possible by a big group of people I would like to thank. 

on our island, this is Cyprus

This is Cyprus- Athalassa National Park

This past month I made a change in my daily routine. Every morning after I drop Georgie off at school I head to one of my favourite places in Nicosia. The Athalassa National Park. I spend an hour just walking. Not running, not exercising. Sometimes I listen to music and other times I just listen to the sounds of nature. At the park I spend one of the most restorative moments of my day. I ‘switch off’, breathe and allow myself to just be. No matter how many times I go I am always blown away by the peace and quiet and beauty of this place.

on our island, this is Cyprus

Bye summer!

For the most part of this month my laptop remained closed. There was a great instinctual need to ‘switch off’ and that is exactly what I did.

This year, August get-aways have made more sense to me than ever before. Our little family happily disrupted everyday habits, sidestepped painful memories and headed to various locations around the island for three whole weeks. Whilst staying at hotels and apartments beachside and visiting remote villages in the mountains:

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Cypriot and Proud

We Cypriots have a silly tendency: We stick to what we like and this is especially true of food. We like going to the same restaurants, tavernas, cafes and pubs forgoing some excellent choices that are now finally more available on the island.

I admit to often getting stuck in a rut when a decision has to be made about eating destinations. There are times when I fancy a favourite dish at a favourite spot but more often than not I love experimenting and will go out of my way to try something new.