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Cypriot and Proud

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 1.09.33 PMWe Cypriots have a silly tendency: We stick to what we like and this is especially true of food. We like going to the same restaurants, tavernas, cafes and pubs forgoing some excellent choices that are now finally more available on the island.

I admit to often getting stuck in a rut when a decision has to be made about eating destinations. There are times when I fancy a favourite dish at a favourite spot but more often than not I love experimenting and will go out of my way to try something new.

That’s probably why I am obsessed with Cypriot and Proud, a website dedicated to everything food and drink-related on the island. Here, you’ll find an astounding number of listings from all over the island, categorised into cuisines and districts and reviewed by a passionate foodie, who speaks the truth! Yay! And that’s not all! Planning a night out? As a parent, I find informative guides such as C&P are a must since going out is such a rare luxury and we’re hardly up to date on what’s in and happening. Paola, the mind behind Cypriot and Proud, is doing such a brilliant job of promoting local healthy living choices, produce and businesses on the island, I wanted to do the same for her. Go show your support and most importantly, discover Cyprus and all the yummy treasures it has to offer.

I need to mention the freeĀ Cypriot and Proud application which I have found to be tremendously useful on a Sunday morning when time does not matter and the most important decision you have to make is where to have lunch.

cyp and proud

cyp and proud3

cyp and proud2

Before I go, I have to tell you about the launching of Cypriot and Proud’s first product, which is, naturally, food related. A collection of beautifully simple aprons, designed by local designer Anna Koumoushi are available for both men and women AND they come with a free wooden spoon! As an avid baker and cook, I am truly excited about this collaboration for a number of reasons but mostly because of that pocket in the front. Why don’t I have an apron with a pocket? Anything with pockets is always a winner!

The Cypriot Moushi apron costs 28 euros including a wooden spoon and is available from:

-Cypriot and Proud website\ e-mail or call 99-482882 to arrange pickup or delivery.

-Suvenir Shop\ 44, Ammochostou Street, Nicosia. Tel: 22-317777

-Anna Koumoushi website and online shop \

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