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Dressing the bump – 10 ways

The other day a family friend looked at my bump and said the nicest thing: Wow! Such a cute little belly. You look great! I was caught off-guard because usually people are quick to note that I look huge but I gave her a big smile, said thank you and went on to explain that as this is my third pregnancy I feel I have become an expert in ‘dressing the bump’.

Just last month I pulled everything out of my wardrobe and began sorting. As much as I love my jeans I can no longer fit into them so what’s the point in seeing them in the wardrobe and creating chaos in my mind. The same went for tops that were too short or tight and dresses with waistlines. Out of sight, out of mind!

And now I can concentrate on putting myself in clothes I feel comfortable in and bonus points if they make me look slimmer. Because no matter how well a pregnant lady can come to terms with her body changing, dressing it and feeling as comfortable as you do in your pjs can be a challenge.

So over the last few months, I have been photographing my outfits which are mostly casual as the only ‘going out’ I do is the school run, food shopping, running after a toddler and the occasional dinner with friends – The bad lighting and awkward poses are the reason I am not a fashion blogger.

During my last two pregnancies I wanted tips and advice on how I could dress without wasting money or time and I would scour the internet for ideas. If you’re pregnant and feel the same, have a look at my 10 ways to dress the bump and get inspired.

1. This is one of the few times I wore heels during these past months. Going out with my girlfriends so black pumps from Zara, maternity black leggings from Asos – I have to say that so far these have saved me. The only maternity item I bought for this pregnancy and I have not regretted it- and my kimono was bought from Topshop many moons ago.

2. This one was taken right before it started getting cold. I’m wearing a black cotton dress I bought from H&M when I was pregnant with James and it was and still is one of my favourite pieces to wear because I wear it with anything! That day I teamed it with a floral blouse from Zara. My shoes are Vans.

3. Jumpsuits are so great. I love them and would live in them if I could. Here I’m wearing one from Asos. Not maternity but with plenty of room for a bump. Threw on a long grey cotton cardigan my mother-in-law got me from Greece.

4. Little black skater-style dress from Mango to the rescue which I teamed with a long-sleeved cotton top from Topshop and my burgundy New Balance trainers.

5. These culottes are amazing. A brilliant alternative to the Asos maternity leggings I’ve been living in, they have an elasticated waist (!), they’re soft and loose. Win, win, win! I found them at Pull and Bear, of all places. I never shop there but I was walking around the mall one day with a sleepy James in his pram and walked in to smirk at all the skimpy little cropped t-shirts I can’t wear. And I found these. I didn’t even try them on. Just grabbed an XL size, paid 13 euros and walked out. I love how they’re slightly ribbed too. Top from Springfield at Debenhams.

6. Asos maternity leggings worn here again with the softest grey jumper from Oysho and my Converse All Star high tops.

7. When in doubt go all black. And also wear a hoodie. This one is from the Rock Werchter festival we went to in June. Worn with basic black leggings and leopard print ballet flats.

8. This was taken a couple of months ago when I was six months along. I was going out to dinner so I needed something that wouldn’t restrict my waistline (ha!) so this jumper dress is perfect. I bought it a few years ago from a little boutique in Nicosia and it is one of those items of clothing I couldn’t live without. Soft, thin and loose. I’m also wearing a vintage Adidas track jacket which was my dad’s and Massimo Dutti¬†sneakers.

9. Stripes and animal prints: one of my favourite combos and I’m lucky with these two items of clothing because they’re so comfortable. Stripy top is one of my favourites because its loose but still maintains some form of shape so I don’t look like a complete mess and its from Nine by Savannah Miller, which used to be at Debenhams but I think it’s gone now and I have no idea why because it was an excellent clothing brand. My zebra print bottoms were a gift from my mother-in-law who said she picked them up at a little shop somewhere in Nicosia. Shoes -and more patterns- are Vans.

10. And probably my all-time favourite pregnancy winter outfit: leggings and a big chunky knitted jumper. You can’t really see this one here but it’s an amazing thick -but not too thick- knit from Mango that covers everything without bulking me up. And I love it and I wear it at least twice a week. I couldn’t find a link to the one I’m wearing, probably because it’s from last year, but this 100% cashmere one is phenomenal. I adore cashmere. I mean, who doesn’t?



For more inspiration, check out another pregnancy style post I put together almost two years ago when I was pregnant with James.



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