Georgie in London

Over the Easter holidays, we took our first family trip abroad. We flew to London for a few days and then made our way up North where my brother lives and spent a lovely albeit freezing day in Liverpool. London on the other hand was in full spring swing and nothing is more gorgeous than London in spring. Traveling for the first time with Georgie was an interesting and unforgettable experience that makes me want more! However I have a feeling Georgie will be disappointed if we don’t make it back to London soon; ask him where he lives and he’ll say ‘London!’

DSC_1348DSC_1351DSC_1353Despite being on a tight schedule, we managed to show Georgie the basics and most exciting things we could think of. We didn’t make it to London Bridge and Big Ben because I didn’t think Georgie is at an age where he would find it interesting. Instead we stuck to this list and my boy was more than happy. Take a look if you want some advice on where to go and what to do for a day or two in London with kids.

DSC_1284DSC_12861. The Natural History Museum: Dinosaurs. I have a four-year old boy, do I need say more? To be honest, I was just as excited as he was because its been years since I set foot in this museum and besides who doesn’t find dinosaurs fascinating? And the rumours about a giant moving T-Rex were true! The sound of Georgie’s giggles when he first laid eyes on it will stay with me forever. Tip: Arrive as early as possible to avoid queues. We were there at 10 and inside by 10.30. Entrance is free!

Lion King Las Vegas2. The Lion King West End Show: Phenomenal. Breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. Magnificent. Happy tears rolled down my face when the music began and those beautiful animal costumes paraded down the aisles. We have been watching the movie with Georgie for just over a year and we both enjoy it so much so I knew he would be able to follow the story and sit still for over two hours! Yikes! The running time was a tad stressful and I almost didn’t book the tickets but my boy made me proud. Tip: As long as your child is old enough and they know the story you’ll both be able to watch and savor. As far as seating, honestly I think that anywhere would be good because the Lyceum theatre is actually quite small. Also remember to ask for a booster seat. They are provided!

DSC_1373 DSC_13823. London Zoo: Slightly disappointing, the London Zoo lacked the plethora of animals we expected to see. The Lion den, when completed next year, will definitely be a step in the right direction but I found the various climbing frames and little adventure parks to be far more interesting for little ones with tons of energy. The little petting zoo where Georgie fed baby goats and lambs was a favourite. Tip: The Kids booklet, which you can purchase at the entrance is packed with interesting facts and tons of stickers, something all kids like.

DSC_12754. Trains and buses: I positioned myself opposite Georgie when we entered the underground because I wanted to see his face when that train came rolling up. Priceless! And thankfully I also captured that gobsmacking moment on video! Honestly my son would have been happy riding the train all day and let me say what a great nap-inducer it is too. Make sure you climb the stairs of a double decker and enjoy the view from the top. Apparently it is ever so thrilling to see traffic lights up close and personal. Tip: Very few tube stations have lifts so be ready to lug that buggy up and down stairs.

DSC_1346 DSC_1345DSC_1339



London’s number one fan!




Image of The Lion King West End was taken from Google Images. 

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