Georgie is six!

I could easily dive into the emotional whirlwind a mother experiences when her firstborn grows up and hits this major milestone but I think I’ll spare you. And me. Because after the week from hell with James and an ear infection all I have to say is this: Georgie is six years old and that is a statement I am so very proud to make.

So on his birthday, which was midweek, I spent the day spoiling my little guy. He opened his first little present of the day and then moved to the couch for a morning movie before telling me that he wanted pancakes for lunch. We made our way to the mall to meet my parents for a coffee and of course Georgie got spoiled some more. On the way home I picked up a small carrot cake and called the rest of the family to let them know that we are going to throw Georgie an impromptu surprise birthday party! Best idea ever! If I don’t say so myself.

He loved it! The look on his face was priceless. Everyone who was there experienced a moment of absolute joy and genuine happiness when that little six year old boy smiled massively and jumped up and down.For his sixth birthday party he requested a handful of his classmates come to our house for a couple of hours of games! I contacted Little Kickers to tackle (hihi) that area so mums and dads could come and chill with some coffee and cake. OK so it ended up being a little more than just coffee and cake because I also grabbed three platters of sandwiches, fresh cut-up veggies and croissants from Get Fresh that morning.

The sun was shining and the day was a huge success mainly because the kids thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the games set up by two Little Kickers coaches. I liked their approach to the kids when it came to reeling them in when they would get distracted by the tree house or Georgie’s outdoor toys. We ended up going over the original number of children I had told them there would be nevertheless they rose to the challenge. Both boys AND girls loved participating and the best part was when they were all given certificates and medals! As the birthday boy, Georgie received TWO medals AND a little trophy. Thank you Little Kickers

What was meant to be a party for just a few kids and their parents ended up being a massive and wonderful celebration with my friends too! Ha! I have a small number of best girlfriends who I don’t see often so any excuse to grab a coffee, unleash the kids and sit down for a hearty laugh. We actually make it a point to attend every child’s birthday party (we have ten children between us) every year and force our kids to like each other. Besides, I was celebrating too: My sixth year as a mummy and how lucky I feel and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our little man! Happy birthday my beautiful boy x

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