Georgie’s first day at school – and a separation anxiety tip

I’m still tripping over the fact that Georgie put on a uniform one morning last week and is now a Primary school student… I barely got any sleep the night before and ran around like a crazy person in the morning being over-dramatic about everything and failing to ┬átake a single good photo. And then to top things off, Georgie experienced a bit of separation anxiety.

It caught me completely off guard to be honest because he’s familiar with the school and has tons of little mates there as well some absolutely fantastic teachers. But then again, sudden changes and the unknown territory of heading to ‘the big school’ can be hard on little ones who, by the way, have just spent two fun and easy months with their families.

So after a quick search for tips on how to deal with separation anxiety I came up with a bunch of advice that definitely makes sense. But the one I really liked and singled out was this one.

Draw a heart in the palm of their hand. Tell your child that whenever he or she feels sad and misses mummy or daddy they can just look at their hand and remember how much they are loved.

Isn’t that so sweet and simple?

Even though Georgie was literally torn from me that morning, when I picked him up later on he said that soon after we left he felt better and actually really enjoyed his first day as ‘one of the big kids’. We celebrated with an over-priced sugar-spiked Starbucks drink for him and a decaf ice almond Americano for me. James had a butter croissant.

Much love to all the mamas and papas and of course to all kiddos who will be back in school next week xxx

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    Love this post!!!! Thanks. Great idea!

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