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_DSC1162_DSC1163_DSC1140_DSC1126_DSC1147_DSC1145_DSC1143_DSC1149_DSC1152_DSC1134On Saturday, March 9, our families gathered to help us move into our new home. A quick pot roast was put in the oven, a bouncy castle was set up for the kids and everyone was assigned various little jobs. I will admit that it doesn’t quite feel like home yet but then again 8 years in the flat is hard to override in just a few days. Georgie however is enjoying the whole experience immensely. He gets to see his cousins everyday, ride his bicycle to his grandparents in the morning and gather eggs from pappou’s little farm. There’s still quite alot of organising and sorting to do but we are looking forward to this adventure.

I promise I will be posting more pictures of the house as soon as our internet connection is sorted.

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