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Happy Birthday Georgie!

There is a point in everybody’s life when things change. Life changes. There is a single point when a switch just goes off and you are thrown. This is exactly what I felt like the very next morning Georgie was born. Looking at him I freaked out. Reality hit me hard. I was knackered, mourning the loss of my ab muscles and being helped by a stranger – nurse- into the shower and then into my knickers. But amidst the sore nipples and already sleepless nights I marveled. I marveled at something. Up until that moment I had never experienced such an overwhelming urge of intense feelings for anything. The Alps were impressive and going to New York Fashion Week was beyond real but looking down on this picture of perfection I was gone.

My boy has completed the first year of his life. Beautiful. We threw a small party with sandwiches and a chocolate fudge cake baked by yours truly -you have no idea how relieved I was when people weren’t making funny faces and exchanging weird looks after taking the first bite. I really wanted to bake his first cake. I guess it’s a traditional issue since I will forever remember how my mum would bake my birthday cake and decorate it with something special. I have the image of a Puss In Boots shaped cake in my mind so vividly. Think it was my sixth birthday cake.

I’m rambling when all i want to do is say Happy Birthday, my angel. Mummy loves you…xxx

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