Happy new year!

Happy new year to all! I can happily say that the two weeks of holidays were immensely enjoyed despite the unavoidable insanity that comes with the season not to mention the variety of ailments. I focused on all that matters. My dad was home and well for the first time in three Christmases which, of course, meant the world to me and Georgie made every day completely and utterly magical especially with his endless singing. Since starting pre-school I miss him and just being at home with him so over the holidays I couldn’t get enough of our time together. Prepping for Christmas lunch, at my parents’ house, was an overwhelming moment for me because I was tasked with cooking the gammon. It was my first time, the gammon was meant to feed 20 people and up until Christmas Eve I was still franticly searching for a recipe because I refused my mum’s help. ‘I can do it. No help necessary, ‘ I told her. I ended up boiling the gammon in two litres of coca cola for two hours! Apparently, this is a very popular way to cook gammon and apparently, it works. You should look it up.

Last year, I wrote a short list of things I was hoping to achieve in 2014. The fact that I kept to at least three of the five ‘changes’ could be the reason I didn’t feel the need to do the same now. I wrote about the anxiety I knew would follow when Georgie went to pre-school. I knew that would be the moment for resolutions. I would have more time for myself, to grow, to discover and to be. I wrote about wanting to learn a new language. It’s been four months since I started Spanish lessons and there is happiness in this personal achievement. Learning to play the guitar, another on the list, didn’t make the final cut but I did work on my photography this year and look forward to progressing more now that I have a second, much-needed lens, which was a gift from my amazing husband.

The year crept in quietly for us. Papa came down with the flu so we had a quick dinner with our family and were in bed by 10.30. For the first time, dare I say ever, we spent New Year’s eve in bed. Just the two of us, snuggled together. Watching Harry Potter for the first time ever. Here’s to a loving and healthy 2015.









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