2016, let’s do this!

Happy new year friends! Georgie and I are still pretending we’re on holiday, at least until Monday when he has to go back to school and we will no longer be able to pretend. This time after Christmas I always feel as though my emotions have been tossed in a blender that won’t stop. The blues hit me hard as I don’t want the holidays to end but then I get excited about getting back to real life and our daily routine and being productive and getting on with stuff, which is always a good thing for slightly tense, controlling and stressed out persons such as myself. Ha!

new year

new yearOver the holidays we had such a wonderful time with friends and family. Hosting Christmas Day was the best experience albeit an exhausting one. I made my now famous and much-loved coca-cola gammon among other dishes and my mum prepared a fantastic free-range turkey and lamb leg with mint sauce, which papa specifically requested. new year

new yearChristmas morning was a complete success as Georgie was over-the-moon delighted with his gift from Santa. A Buzz Ligthyear! A special thanks to my bro for assisting Santa in bringing it all the way from the Disney Store in Liverpool on such short notice. Phew!

new yearIn other news, this happened! How about that bump??? A baby brother for Georgie is something I had only dreamt of. For such a long time papa and I were content with it being just us three. But somehow this feels so normal and meant-to-be. It also feels like the first time which means I am totally terrified. But in a good and really really exciting way. I can’t wait to meet my new little dude!

So 2016, let’s do this!


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