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Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics / made in Cyprus

I want to share something I am really excited about discovering. A gorgeous and exclusive line of handmade beauty products made here in Cyprus! Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics. Doesn’t the name alone sound absolutely divine?

So pay attention because these ain’t just any beauty products. First of all, they are so pure, organic and good for you, you could probably eat them and you know what that means? That they are perfect for the whole family. The Bee Baby balm is one of my favourites and I’ve been using it on James’ bottom and Georgie’s arms when they become oversensitive and itchy due to his eczema.  He also made a little comment the first time I applied it: ‘This one doesn’t sting my arms mummy, like the other creams do.’ Mummy points scored!

Hermann Gourmet CosmeticsAnother product I have used on both boys is the goat’s milk nourishing soap. It smells absolutely divine and leaves the skin soft and moisturised. I love that it has that handmade cut look and the sweet reminder on the back of the packaging about how this is a bar of soap that contains no chemicals and that it was made by people with love and not by machines.

Hermann gourmet cosmetics

Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics

georgie's mummy

And the ultimate beauty product which I will undoubtedly be replacing when I run out is the Bee Eye. It contains all the right ingredients to hydrate and moisturise and iron out fine lines and wrinkles such as beeswax, avocado oil, vitamin E and C. I haven’t been using it long enough to tell you that it works but what I can tell you is that it doesn’t clog and won’t irritate. I should know as I have very sensitive skin. But above all the smell and texture alone are enough to get me excited. Sometimes I open the little pot and dab a bit of cream on my wrists and neck because its just so heavenly. An instant mood booster.

georgie's mummyHermann Gourmet Cosmetics was recently praised by beauty bloggers in Germany where it also won an award. Personally not only would I give an award to the masterminds behind this beautiful concept, I’d also kiss them because of the most creative and gorgeously created vintage-inspired packaging. Everything about Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics is original and a dream come true for those who prefer the finer and most pure things in life.


Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics is offering Georgie’s Mummy readers a 15% discount off the aforementioned products. Also enter our give away competition on Facebook for the chance to win the goat’s milk nourishing soap and the Bee Baby Balm.

Call 22-252728 to place orders or message them on Facebook and receive a free delivery too.   


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