Hey 2018!

Hello! And Happy New Year to you all! Right now I am writing this blog post with my feet up and a mild curry bubbling away on the stove. Georgie is reading a book in his bedroom, too loudly as usual, and James is fast asleep. So here’s what else we’ve been up to.

These two, making our Christmas completely magical.

Attending the Children’s Flea Market, organised by Mums In Cyprus, just before the Christmas holidays was perfect. Not only did we have tons of goodies for the refugees and their children at the Kofinou camp, Georgie had an amazing time raising money by selling our homemade cookies too.

So many eggs were consumed in this house over the holidays. I think I ordered two dozens from the little old lady down the road. Glorious eggs not just for baking tons of scrumptious things like homemade custard, cakes and scones but also for James who loves boiled eggs more than anything. Georgie is more an omelette kind of kid.  

This is the only photo I took on Christmas morning. James watching Georgie play with his remote control car outside.

This was the first Christmas when Santa had two little ones to bring presents for. Georgie asked for a bed cave while James, we felt, would be contempt with a little car he can ride around the house. Both were an absolute success.

My mum’s Christmas cake. Bless her. She pours so much love into it. And no one even likes it. Ha! Apart from my dad. Anyway so this year I promised myself I would give it another go aaaand guess what? I actually liked it. It went down rather nicely with a hot cup of tea.

Papa took over ten pictures of me and the boys. This was the best one.

This selfie with my number one boy was taken whilst having brunch. Papa and I joked that there is no way we will be enjoying the luxury of having brunch when boy number three comes along. We barely make it with two! RIP brunches.

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, then you know all about the Cheese Hugger. That’s James, who, as we have discovered, loves cheese. He loves it so much he steals blocks of parmesan from the fridge and nibbles on them throughout the day. He hugs these blocks of parmesan and will have a full-on fit if you try to take it away from him.

Just like most of you, I stuffed myself silly with food on Christmas Day. My mum hosted this year, as usual. There was turkey and lamb with mint sauce, my much-loved coca cola gammon, gravy and cranberry sauce, Yorkshire puddings and stuffing amongst many other yummy dishes.

So that’s my round-up of our Christmas in photos, which I didn’t take as many as I would have liked to. Honestly, with everything that will be going on in a few weeks I hope I can still find the time to use my camera to capture moments i want to remember.

Anyway so hey 2018! I am terrified of the new adventures you will bring and not entirely ready but happiness and love are a major part of my life and I reckon I can do wonders with just those two. Happy and healthy new year to all you lovely people. Thank you for reading xxx


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