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New shop alert: Hugå Studio in Nicosia

This blog post HAD to happen. Why? Because there were signs. First there was the mention of Hygge on Weeds, which I started watching a few weeks ago. Then there was a random post about the Hygge Manifesto on one of my favourite blogs. And of course before all this, I heard of the Hugå Studio opening in Nicosia.

Hygge is basically a Danish philosophy that means ‘cosiness’. Candles, warm blankets, hot chocolate, wooly socks and friends and family all make up the kind of lifestyle that is Hygge. It’s all about relaxing the mind and creating and surrounding oneself with as much comfort as possible. It helps the Danes deal with the long, dark winters but it’s a mindset we could all do with, cold or not.So the newest furniture store that has recently opened its doors in Nicosia is more than just that. It’s a home away from home, a cosy corner in the busy city centre stocked with all sorts of goodies designed and brought to you with the Hygge inspiration in mind.

James and I made our way to the Hugå Studio one morning. I’m in the process of completing two rooms in our house-after four years of moving in! Better late than never,right? One is James’ bedroom and the other is a playroom/chill room. I was so excited to check out what Hugå Studio had to offer someone like me, who has a slight fascination with Scandinavian/mid-century modern/vintage home design and can never find anything genuine along those lines in Cyprus.

Of course I was blown away. I’m not sure if I was more excited about the beautiful vintage furniture (I’m talking original vintage. None of that fake stuff you usually see in stores.) or the impressive collection of kiddie stuff that includes gorgeous books, wooden teethers, organic cotton clothes and bonnets among others.

The owners sell (and buy) pieces they have found and refurbished themselves. There’s an absolutely brilliant range of products available. Some are new, some are old. The old are original vintage pieces, the new include books on mid-century modern design, handmade greeting cards, ceramic plates, cups, etc. All of which make the perfect and most unique of gifts. And what’s more, most of these products are made by local artists. 

Among my favourites are the impressive range of kelims and vintage lighting and lamps. Check out their online catalogue for more than you can ever imagine. Seriously guys, this is interior design heaven!


Find Hugå Studio at 5, Boumboulinas Street, Nicosia / tel: 99370073 or contact them on Facebook 


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