I think I’m ready

DSC_0424DSC_0422DSC_0400DSC_0386DSC_0379DSC_0401DSC_0367DSC_0434DSC_0413I wish I could say our Christmas week was a magical one full of traditions and outings now that papa is on his feet but alas fate had something a little different planned. Up until Boxing Day, my dad was in hospital with serious flu symptoms and I have pharyngitis.

I thank my lucky stars I was well enough for my first Santa duty- I teared up more than once thinking about my childhood Christmas memories and how happy it makes me to be able to pass these on to Georgie. Christmas morning was just as exciting. Georgie showed a surprising amount of interest in most of what Santa dragged down the chimney but he seemed to be a bit worried about Santa’s disapproval of our cookies! ‘Why didn’t he eat them all, mama?’

Just before we piled into the car and made our way to the grandparents for lunch, we took this picture of the three of us and even though I can’t get over the silly proud look papa and I have, the three of us in one shot is a rarity and I love it. It’s been two days since I started taking antibiotics so normality has returned to the house along with New Year preparations. Cooking a duck with mum, listening to amazing gifts and dancing in the rain. The two days of rain came at the perfect moment. The wet ground, the clean crisp air and the sound of drops everywhere soothed me and washed away the pain and anguish. I think I am ready for you, 2014.

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