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In the kitchen// Eggs on toast with kale

DSC_2078This simple combination is one of my all-time favourite meals. Why? First of all, it’s protein-based, which is always a good and healthy idea. Throw in the fact that these eggs are freshly picked from my dad’s farm and it’s easy to see why I love it. Reason number two is the quick and easy factor, so important in a busy mother’s life. And last but by no means least, there’s kale, one of the healthiest greens and foods in general!

DSC_2079Although the photos are pretty self-explanatory, here’s what you do: Fry an egg or two, toast some brown bread – we love multi-grain- and throw the kale in a pot over low heat. No water, no oil. Nada. Give it a stir every now and then and when its about to wilt, take it off. By all means eat it fresh and raw (naturally, it’s healthier) but be warned that kale has a bitter taste that subsides somewhat once its been cooked a little. Place the eggs on the toast and sprinkle with some freshly-ground pepper. Voila!

For extra healthiness, I fry my eggs in Canola Oil.


Kale, as far as I know, is not available at major supermarkets and fruit and vegetable markets. Try health food stores. I get mine fresh every week from Be Natural in Aglantzia, Nicosia. 

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