J A M E S @ 15 months

My littlest. The boy with so much going on at 15 months I have to write it down so I don’t forget any of it.

1. Last month one day I heard him saying Ena, Duo, Tria (one two three in Greek). No one was around so I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound like the crazy stage mum who says her kid can recite the alphabet at 12 months. But then he kept saying it, over and over again. And now it’s just the cutest thing ever. He especially loves doing it when his brother is practicing guitar and is counting E-na, Du-o, Tri-a.

2. His favourite song is the Happy Birthday one. Oh an Rihanna’s super annoying Wild Thoughts. My car audio system is messed up and since URadio stopped broadcasting I’m stuck with the pop hits of our days. So James sings along to Rihanna’s version of crying… Wah, wah, wah… Urgh.

3. Loves dancing. He will stop in his tracks when he hears a tune. Any tune. And he’ll break into a little dance which usually involves sticking his bum out and clapping.

4. He says thank you when you give him something. Georgie used to use the sign language version but this one says ‘ank ya’.

5. Is the biggest thumb-sucker I have ever seen or known. He stopped taking the dummy early on, four months old because he preferred his thumb. And he still does. And it’s not even when he’s tired. Whenever he feels like it he’ll stick his right thumb in his mouth and grabs his left ear. Always! My dad says it’s like he’s tuning in. ha!

6. Loves bread and black-eye beans. Also quite keen on cheddar cheese, eggs, tomatoes, apples and edamame.

7. He fake-smiles at people.

8. Calls me Amma. Not mama, not mummy. Amma. And papa? You got it. Apa!

9. Throws tantrums already when he wants something. Like throws himself on the floor type of tantrum.

10. Is obsessed with our iPhones and he isn’t even at that stage where he uses them yet.

He’s also the strongest little dude I know. He has championed his way through multiple viruses and illnesses. And he is literally strong. His grip is noteworthy firm and he can lift up things you wouldn’t even imagine. Also I suppose it goes without saying that his biggest love is his brother.


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