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Making memories with MamaBear Designs

James turned four months old this weekend. Which means that for the past four months my hair has been in a topknot and I’ve been blogging from my bed. And I couldn’t be happier.

And definitely tired. As any mama knows, sleep doesn’t come easy when you have a baby in your life. Sometimes when I’m scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and I come across articles dedicated to tips on how to get more and better sleep I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s an ongoing battle but one that I know will come to an end soon. And that will be a bittersweet moment. He’s growing so fast, you know?

James is currently at that stage where he is rolling over and kicking his little legs with all his might. I was lucky enough to mark the day he rolled over and keep the memory recorded thanks to these amazing little stickers sent to me by MamaBear Designs.

georgies mummy

georgies mummy

I can’t tell you how many photos we have of Georgie and his major milestones and we have no idea when they took place. Clearly not the case with James.

georgie's mummy

MamaBear Designs is an online shop owned by Nancy, mama of one, who wanted to create personalised and beautifully curated products for pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. On her website you’ll find keepsakes and baby gifts and most importantly awesome t-shirts for the whole family which by the way, are so amazingly soft, I was instantly impressed. I’m a sucker for comfy t-shirts and this one ticks all the right boxes.

georgie's mummy

georgie's mummy

georgies mummy




MamaBear Designs is offering Georgie’s Mummy readers 15% discount on all total orders over 50 euros using the discount code GEORGIESMUMMY.

You can find MamaBear Designs on Facebook and Instagram too.



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