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Lunchbox containers: My top picks

This weekend, between going to Comic Con and enjoying my last mind-numbing late night Netflix moments before Georgie starts school, I did some research on lunchbox containers. I’ve been telling myself I should get Georgie a really good one since last year but I haven’t been able to make up my mind. Take a look at my top picks and tell me what you think.

I have always liked the idea of compartments within a single lunch box even if I have only managed to find one with just three so far. Georgie likes more than just a plain sandwich so this type which is called a Bento Box is my favourite. And remember all of these are totally adult-friendly too if you pack lunch for work everyday.

1. Number one on my list and what many people online are referring to as the best lunchbox is The PlanetBox. Eco-friendly, stainless steel but a tad pricey, you can check out more info including the three different types available on their website. 

2. Definitely giving number one a run for its money is the Omie Box. I am dead impressed by this one mainly because it can store hot and cold food due to two separate temperature zones! Cute and easy to handle, giving this one serious thought. More on their website. 

3. Obviously all my picks are 100% leak-proof – or at least they state they are- and also kid-friendly. The Yumbox is among my top picks because parents are raving about it online due to the fact that it’s easy to pack and comes with pre-portioned trays. Available in different colours and tray sizes check their website to find out more. 

4. Another stainless steel option here. Lunchbots are smaller than the Planetbox versions  and again are focused on being kid-friendly. While you find the square Lunchbots with one, two or six compartments, I think they aren’t leak-proof. There are round Lunchbots with a sturdy lid for liquid foods if that’s something you or your child prefers. More on the website. 

5. Laptop Lunches Bento Ware are massively popular. Made up of different containers and leak-proof ones too you can get crazy creative with what you put in this super simple design. More options on the website.

6. One last stainless steel option because I just love them so much despite Georgie just taking a peek at what I’m writing and telling me how much he hates the ‘silver ones’. Urgh! Anyway so last but not least the Eco-Lunchbox Three in One which is a three piece nesting lunch box set. May not be 100% leak-proof but has excellent portion control and is easy for kids to handle with a special clip. For more info click here.


If you’re not too keen on the idea of buying online, I’ve found a few shops that stock lunch boxes.


Philippides Paperworks



Flying Tiger

Be Natural


For more inspiration on what to pack in your child’s lunchbox take a look at Georgie’s lunchbox here and here.

Feature image from EarthBoundFarm

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