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Beeswax can fight eczema

Georgie has eczema. Since he was three years old he’s suffered with the condition that causes dry, inflamed, irritable and itchy skin. While we are currently winning the battle against it by adjusting his diet- something I will write about soon- when James’s little legs started developing dry, red patches I immediately began trying out a plethora of home remedies I would once try with Georgie when he was a baby. One I had never tried, which I didn’t even think to try and which has shocked me with its effectiveness, is beeswax.



Learning to love my mummy tummy

Georgie lay down beside me and rubbed my belly. My mummy tummy. That flabby bit of fat I hate with all my might. The one that prevents me from wearing tight tops and the one I look at every night and sigh. Then he said: I love you mummy. And your belly. 


style and beauty

Summer style inspiration: The t-shirt!

I am 100% a t-shirt and jeans girl. I may throw in some quirkiness and/or formality from time to time but hands down, my go-to and most favourite piece of clothing is the good old t-shirt. Which means I am so very happy that t-shirts are becoming statement pieces and totally acceptable evening wear too. Inspiration on how to style your favourite tees this summer. 


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An easy weekday dinner

Parmesan chicken and kale sauté. I love the simiplicity of this recipe. I love it because it means that I can actually eat something amazing and good for me without having to create a small chaos in my kitchen on a Tuesday night.