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Remember this the next time your child is crying

There are few things I find fascinating and original when it comes to advice on raising little humans. The train analogy I recently came across ticks both those boxes. It can change the way you see your crying child and the way you feel you should deal with it.


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A family of five goes vegan

A month ago, a mother and father of three decided to go vegan. So obviously I bombarded them with questions ranging from their favourite dishes to issues of vitamin deficiency. 



I don’t want children

When I was preparing questions for this interview I had a certain image of a certain person in mind. One that dealt with immense societal pressure, who perhaps was fighting a daily war, being pushed down by the injustice of having to explain why she plans on never reproducing. In fact, there is no sob story here, no drama or horrific experiences to be told. This is an interview with a woman who says “people probably wipe their collective brows and think ‘thank goodness, that was close'” when she speaks of her decision to remain childfree.


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Easy weekday dinner: Cauliflower rice

Rice doesn’t agree with me. As much as I love a good old-fashioned fried rice with tons of soy sauce, I have had to find an alternative for the days when nursing a bloated stomach is not an option. Enter cauliflower rice!


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Summer must-have for toddlers: Paddlers

I wasn’t sure about the name of these specific little summer shoes or if any of you would know what I’m talking about so I’ll get straight to the point. If you have a toddler that loves running and you want to protect their little feet from hot surfaces then you need paddlers!