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Hey guys! I hope you had a great Easter and a much-needed relaxing break. Our little family certainly did albeit with ridiculously early mornings because my kids are always up at the crack of dawn no matter the day or event. What I wouldn’t give for a lie-in. Anyway so current ramblings…

Of course my ‘special diet’ flew out the window these past two weeks. I reckon Easter to us is what Halloween is for Americans. So much chocolate, so many sweets. I think Georgie got about 8 different chocolate eggs from friends and relatives, 6 of which papa and I consumed happily. I have, however, vowed to get back on track come Monday.

One thing I have successfully incorporated into my life over the past month is yoga. Every Monday and Friday ¬†evening I make my way to a class near my home and stretch the life out of my limbs. And it feels so good. I’ve even signed Georgie up for a kids class that takes place every Saturday. He went to his first class today and loved it. He’s been demonstrating his Eagle and Crab poses to everyone. Ha! I like to think yoga will be a regular part of his life growing up.

In other news, our washing machine broke down last week. Actually it flew off the counter where we had mounted it so I don’t break my back loading and unloading. I found it and the dryer face down on the floor, water pipes bursted and spraying everywhere and a dubious amount of water covering my wooden floorboards! I have no idea how it happened but I got so upset about it (even cried) which is so very silly I know. But imagine what our laundry bins look like especially since the technician can’t make his way to us until Tuesday!

Over Easter, as if two kids and two dogs weren’t enough, papa decided to get a couple of turtles for Georgie. To deepen his responsibility pool, he says. We’ll see how long that lasts. He’s named them Veggie and Laoura. No idea why.

Last but not least, James is ten months old and standing! I won’t say walking yet as technically he isn’t. He just loves grabbing one of Georgie’s little table chairs and pushing it around the living room. If you follow me on Instagram you probably caught the little video. He’s at the stage right now where with each passing day he’s looking less like a little baby and more grown up. His hair has developed little curls and he has two bottom teeth while two tops ones are pushing through and should make an appearance any day now.

So current ramblings over. Off to get ready for my first night out since having James. I know it’s ridiculous it’s taken me so long but I can’t really say I’ve missed going out that much. Once the kids are down for the night I seem to be happy reading this book which I am 50 pages shy of finishing (just in time for the movie release date) and watching this show just before I nod off. Much love guys. See you next week!

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