Rock Werchter Festival

    This was the biggest reason we decided to take a few days off and fly to Brussels. The Rock Werchter Festival.  Hands down the best musical experience I have had so far. I actually knew I would say this but still, living it, being there, watching and dancing to Jack White playing Seven Nation Army LIVE to over 80,000 people, gave me goosebumps. I hope I always remember this day so vividly as i do now.     On Friday afternoon we grabbed our backpacks and headed to the train station. The Festival is held outside Brussels, in Leuven, in a massive park where a total of three stages were built.    That’s Beth Ditto in the black and white dress in the centre of the stage. She blew me away. A phenomenal voice and character.    But above all, were Pearl Jam. We all know and love their songs but that voice…Eddie Vedder, you make life pretty when you sing. It just makes sense that I actually saw a person worthy of admiration through his words to the crowd, the way he just wanted to hug that crowd and the way he sat down at the end of the show and lit a cigarette. I thought to myself, I like him. [youtube=]            Do watch this video. You won’t regret it.    Even though I wasn’t allowed to take my camera-regulations don’t allow professional equipment on the grounds-, I think the iPhone shots came out OK. To be honest I was relieved I didn’t have to take it. It weighs a ton and I would have been too busy enjoying myself to worry about it. Even Georgie skipped my mind on more occasions than I will let on. More of that and Amsterdam-roadtrip- tomorrow. Right now I am off to stare at my baby while he sleeps and tuck into some pizza. Goodnight. x

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