So many things i want to say…

Up to February 11 of this year, I had a job. I would wake up every morning, Monday to Friday, hop into my Fiat 500 and head to work – usually with a latte and croissant in one hand and the latest purchase in the other. By 7 I was home. A hearty meal would be prepared, a glass of wine would be poured, a cigarette would be rolled and alas movie time would commence.

These were careless, free and uncomplicated times that came to an end on March 1. My baby boy was born at 20:10 and my life has never been the same.

Everything has changed -from the way I buy my coffee to the clothes I wear- and it is understandable. But quitting my job to do something that was not in  my future plans, has taken some time to sink in.

Hours that would once be filled with deadlines and endless stress are now filled with daily activities I have time to enjoy. I am discovering me and my town, Nicosia, the small and divided capital of Cyprus. I am spending more time with loved ones and learning to take it easy.

Through this blog I will be documenting my life with Georgie. His cute sometimes annoying  but always adorable habits. And my role as a mother,wife, daughter, sister and friend.

With work out of the way I am finally out there, taking charge of my life and guiding my child in every way I can. I hope that by photographing our moments, they’ll live on forever.

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