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Travelling while pregnant / What to pack and what to carry

Georgie and I will be taking a little four-day trip to Vienna this week. He’s super excited about it as am I because we both love travelling so much. And despite having been to Vienna before I can’t wait to go back and take Georgie with me as it’s such a beautiful and child-friendly destination. And so close! Just a three and a half hour airplane ride from Cyprus.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant so four days most definitely equals not much luggage. I’ll be dealing with a five-year old and a pushchair/stroller so I really don’t fancy tackling heavy suitcases too. Being strict on my selection of clothes could have been tough as I always tend to take too much because of that ‘what if’ lingering in my mind while I pack but this time around I can’t even fit into most of my clothes so tada problem solved!

travelling when pregnantHere’s a list of what I’ll be packing to dress the bump for four days in Vienna sans undergarments and beauty bag:

1. Comfortable shoes: I’ll be taking my white Stan Smiths for a more polished evening look and my New Balance trainers for walking around the city. So far these are my favourite pregnancy shoes because I love their style but most importantly they are super comfortable and can adapt to my expanding feet.

2. Leggings: Up until three weeks ago I could still comfortably fit into my jeans albeit with a bump band  which by the way I swore by in my last pregnancy too. Right now though every single pair I own seems too snug around the waist so I’m sticking to good old black leggings and this pair of stretchy jeans that has an elastic waist. Also leggings weigh next to nothing and take up very little space so score!

3. One coat: This may be the heaviest item I’ll be carrying but I need something to keep me warm and cosy because of course it won’t be as warm as it is here in Cyprus. Plus it can work as a blanket for Georgie if he needs it on the plane or in his pushchair. In the meantime I have a feeling I won’t want to be dealing with layers of clothes, fussy buttons and zippers.

4. T-shirts and sweaters: 4 to 5 long t-shirts and vests that cover my bump. A favourite sweater, hoodie, jumper and one cardigan. Making sure that everything works well together is key to taking fewer pieces so most of my tops will be neutrals like black and white and definitely striped because I have an unhealthy obsession with them.

5. One sweater dress: I know for a fact that we won’t be going anywhere that will require a nice dress so no need for formalities taking up room in our suitcase. However a sweater dress is a whole different story so I’ll be taking one of those with me as an alternative to my trousers/leggings.

travelling when pregnantNow here’s a short list of what I’ll be including in my carry-on:

1. Water: First and foremost on my list is a bottle of water. Hydration is of upmost importance even on a short flight.

2. Snacks: I carry snacks with me everywhere so of course I’ll be taking something to nibble on before, during and after the flight. Almonds and chickpeas are my favourite nuts while dried fruit and these flapjacks will definitely be coming with.

3. Socks: A pair of super-soft, preferably cashmere, socks is a must whether I’m pregnant or not. This time however I need to be comfortable and those shoes must come off.

4. Wipes and antibacterial hand gel: There’ll be plenty of toilet trips so these will come in handy. Besides airports and airplanes are yucky places.

5. Documents: A note from my doctor allowing me to fly, a copy of Georgie’s birth certificate due to the fact that we’re travelling sans papa and of course passports, all safe and secure in a pouch.

6. Pashmina/Scarf: Something soft and big that can double as a blanket or pillow for me and G.

7. Lip balm: I love this one by Korres because it keeps my lips hydrated with a hint of colour.

8. Hairbands: Since I stopped wearing them on my wrist and my hair can take on a life of its own, its essential I keep a few hairbands and hairclips in my bag at all times.

9. Hand cream/moisturiser: Georgie and I are prone to dry skin so I’ll be taking a small moisturiser with me. Preferably this one.

10. Entertainment: This includes a book for me (I’m excited to start this), headphones, a new playlist, laptop, mini notebook and pen or two.


I’d love to know what you packed when you traveled in preparation of walking around and exploring a city while pregnant!

You can also check out my tips for flying with kids which I wrote last year when we flew to London. It includes what was in Georgie’s backpack. For a more detailed list look at this.


P.S : A video from my first time in Vienna for a Pearl Jam concert for which I also made a little film. 

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  • Reply Katie Garvin March 30, 2016 at 10:54 am

    I remember these days….now I’m looking forward to traveling with my little one in a few months! 😀 Hairbands are a must when flying — I forgot it ONCE. Never again! 😛

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