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In the kitchen// Emilia’s cinnamon rolls

Like me, my sister is an avid baker. Unlike me, she’s also a brilliant cake designer. You can see her beautifully-crafted cakes for all occasions here. What she does is truly amazing since every single detail on her cakes is made, moulded and rolled by hand. More on this in a future post because right now I really need to tell you about these cinnamon rolls she made last week. They’re such a classic and to be honest, never have been my favourite but that has definitely changed.

in the kitchen, let's play

baking and painting

     Last night, we ordered in but I was in the mood to make dessert so I whipped up some strawberry tarts – technically i didn’t bake anything. The tart cases were ready. Oops. I did make the custard from scratch and the strawberries were organic so all eight tarts were scrumptious.

I saved one for Georgie because he hasn’t tasted the sweetness that is custard yet- I know! Ridiculous, right? Picture taken with brand spanking new iPad!      For some bizarre reason, he took the strawberries off before giving it a go. He then of course devoured the berries and waved his hands around for more. 

odd ends

odd ends…from a friday night

Georgie is at granny’s for the night so papa and I are just chilling…Watching Girl, Interrupted – for the millionth time-and obsessing over wood choices and beautiful magazine inspirations while of course trying to enjoy this gluten free chocolate cake. I have to say: no gluten, no good. Goodnight.