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The perfect beach bag made in Cyprus

If there’s one thing I know for a fact it’s that this summer I’ll be needing a bigger beach bag. That’s what happens when you have two kids, right? You need bigger bags.

let's play

10 beach games/activities for kids

On Saturday afternoon, after we celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday (Happy birthday mum!) papa had some business to tend to so Georgie and I made our way to the beach. Not a good idea. It was so windy I could barely hear my own thoughts and I actually felt quite cold, literally regretting taking out all those cardigans I had in the car. So there I was expecting it to rain at any moment when my son came running towards me for the millionth time, telling me how much fun he was having. Kids+water+sand=Quiet time for you and me. But to make the most of this time, read through this list of easy beach activities and games, show, teach and demonstrate and then RELAX.

on our island, videos

feeling summer

We are more than halfway through the summer holidays. Georgie’s first day at school is looming in the background of my mind. Yet it did not manage to spoil these purely magnificent days and nights we have spent with friends and family. Cold, miserable weather is more my cup of tea but man, I am learning to enjoy summer and I love it. Georgie has been on his best behaviour even after late nights and long days at the beach. I could not be prouder of him. We spent three days beachside and even though my camera was within reach, I just wasn’t interested. Instead I rode the ferris wheel with my heavenly baby at the fun park and rolled around in the sand with him on the beach. He is absolute joy and I am savouring every moment with him. Among our other summer activities are: celebrated papa’s birthday, took boat rides, barbeque’s in the rain, did yoga under a pine tree. And also welcomed my sister’s new baby boy. He arrived early and is absolutely perfect. Welcome to the family darling boy.

odd ends

odd ends

1. This morning. He has Under the Sea on repeat.

2. Prepping for summer nights outdoors.

3. First beach moment. Summer 2014.

4. Lavender.

5. I unearthed this a couple weeks ago and have been on the hunt for a sewing machine ever since.

6. First summer purchase.

7. ‘I want that!’

8.  One more from this morning because I cannot resist that look.


A resolution of sorts

Every night, before I nod off, I like to plan the next day in my head. I schedule appointments and chores if they are on the itinerary and then I concentrate on Georgie and activities we could do together. It only takes a few minutes and somehow it makes falling asleep much easier.

And then the New Year flies in and sleep doesn’t come easy. I find myself staring into space, willing my head and heart to come up with a bigger and broader plan. Yes, I’m talking about a resolution of sorts. Last year I promised to change some things I felt were holding me back and I am so glad I did. I NEED the same this year. ¬†There’s so much I want to do, to achieve and to accomplish, my mind spins with excitement one minute but the next I am glued to the telly watching TV shows and chomping on popcorn. I think this slumped upset has to do with the fact that this year signifies a massive inevitable change in my life: Georgie will start pre-school in September. I feel THAT will be the time for resolutions. For now, I’ll stick to some basics, things I have been dreaming of for a while now. Listing them here on the blog, will hopefully make them more real, generate some excitement and bring clarity to my confused mind.