A resolution of sorts

Every night, before I nod off, I like to plan the next day in my head. I schedule appointments and chores if they are on the itinerary and then I concentrate on Georgie and activities we could do together. It only takes a few minutes and somehow it makes falling asleep much easier. And then […]

This is Cyprus— Meneou, Larnaca

I live on a tiny island. Locals of my generation often complain about the impossibility of a long road trip. But what it lacks in area, it more than makes up for in character and natural beauty. These pictures are from a late afternoon trip to a beach in Meneou. Our drive, at that particular hour, was […]

mummy and papa go solo

     Agia Napa was chosen as the perfect location to spend time on our own. Georgie, it was decided, would spend a whole week with his grandparents in the mountains. Two more days than the time we flew to Brussels, which meant I was dreading the separation anxiety attack. Oddly, it never came. Perhaps […]

holiday mix

   Life has been good this past week. We headed to the mountains on Sunday, where Georgie will also be spending a week with his grandparents while mummy and papa get some alone time. We found a gorgeous tavern sitting on a mountaintop complete with a treehouse and really good food. I think it’s called […]

fever and friends

      Right before my little dude got horribly sick, we had enjoyed a windy, yet lovely late afternoon at the beach with my sister and the kids. it’s so hot, only late afternoons here make it bearable being outside.       I knew something was brewing when he woke up during the night […]


     I’ve become a huge fan of Instagram. I might be a bit ‘late’ discovering this amazing app but better late than never, right? With the help of special filters you can upload beautiful pictures, very 70s and very cool, for everyone to admire and take inspiration from.      I picked up this rocking […]


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