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A resolution of sorts

Every night, before I nod off, I like to plan the next day in my head. I schedule appointments and chores if they are on the itinerary and then I concentrate on Georgie and activities we could do together. It only takes a few minutes and somehow it makes falling asleep much easier.

And then the New Year flies in and sleep doesn’t come easy. I find myself staring into space, willing my head and heart to come up with a bigger and broader plan. Yes, I’m talking about a resolution of sorts. Last year I promised to change some things I felt were holding me back and I am so glad I did. I NEED the same this year. ┬áThere’s so much I want to do, to achieve and to accomplish, my mind spins with excitement one minute but the next I am glued to the telly watching TV shows and chomping on popcorn. I think this slumped upset has to do with the fact that this year signifies a massive inevitable change in my life: Georgie will start pre-school in September. I feel THAT will be the time for resolutions. For now, I’ll stick to some basics, things I have been dreaming of for a while now. Listing them here on the blog, will hopefully make them more real, generate some excitement and bring clarity to my confused mind.