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Oats and coconut oil bath for itchy skin

Georgie suffers from eczema. Since he was a baby, dry, flaky, sensitive and itchy skin is something he has had to live with. It’s torture at the worst of times and bearable at the best. But a few weeks ago he went through a nightmare. One that was brought to a standstill the moment he stepped foot in a warm bath of oats and coconut oil.

hermann gourmet cosmetics
style and beauty

Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics / made in Cyprus

I want to share something I am really excited about discovering. A gorgeous and exclusive line of handmade beauty products made here in Cyprus! Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics. Doesn’t the name alone sound absolutely divine? Continue Reading

dairy free mummy
in the kitchen, motherhood

Dairy-free mummy

Try going on a dairy-free diet. I read those words sent to me by our pediatrician and felt like crying. It looked like James’ recent skin irritation may have something to do with my diet so it was time to get serious about cutting all dairy out.  Continue Reading

fearne cotton cook happy cook healthy
in the kitchen

Wanted: Fearne Cotton’s Cook Happy Cook Healthy book

She’s one of my all-time favourite British TV and radio presenters, has the kind of quirky laid-back style that I love and she’s a mum to two little ones. I am slightly obsessed with Fearne Cotton for all these reasons but more so since she published a kick-ass cookbook with tons of healthy recipes that are super easy for any mum to whip up. Continue Reading