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Buddha Bowls

A few months ago I came across a blog post on Buddha Bowls. Have you heard of them? As far as I’m concerned this is exactly the type of excitement that healthy eating was missing. A big bowl packed with all sorts of colourful goodies, a custom-made dish with which you can let your imagination run wild. 


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James’ favourite first food combinations

We’re at that stage where James is on three meals a day. That means exactly what all mamas with young babies know it means: The pressure is on. Gone are the days when all I needed were my boobs and a nappy or two. Also it’s been over five years since I pureed a meal and while I never thought things could change that much in this department I am actually discovering all sorts of new information and food combinations.



Oats and coconut oil bath for itchy skin

Georgie suffers from eczema. Since he was a baby, dry, flaky, sensitive and itchy skin is something he has had to live with. It’s torture at the worst of times and bearable at the best. But a few weeks ago he went through a nightmare. One that was brought to a standstill the moment he stepped foot in a warm bath of oats and coconut oil.


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Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics / made in Cyprus

I want to share something I am really excited about discovering. A gorgeous and exclusive line of handmade beauty products made here in Cyprus! Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics. Doesn’t the name alone sound absolutely divine?