In the kitchen- Creamy cauliflower garlic rice

I have finally discovered how to get Georgie to eat cauliflower. All I had to do was mix it up with butter, garlic and of course remember to break out those snow peas he loves so much, as a sider. We’ve tried mashed cauliflower in the past, which I swear is almost just as good […]

In the kitchen —Mini vegetable pot pies

Georgie woke up unusually early this morning. ‘Mummy, I want carrot cake!’ he shouted every five minutes until I got up. It looked like our morning was going to be slow albeit beautiful and spring-scented. The light put me in the mood for photos, cooking and baking. I prepared a batch of bread dough, pulled […]

Rosemary garlic bread

I’ve been meaning to attempt more bread recipes but I’m afraid my options are limited. Currently, I am stuck on dry active yeast based recipes but I do plan to start my sourdough ‘feeding’ that will able me to go for more bread baking options.The moment I saw the words ‘rosemary’ and ‘garlic’, I was […]

bread for beginners

I have finally conquered my fear of anything that involves yeast and have made my first bread. I can’t tell you how shocked I was to discover it looked good and tasted heavenly. Georgie and I devoured half of it before papa came home and we had more for dinner along with Camembert cheese. This is […]

In the kitchen- spinach and chickpea sauté with fried bread toasts

Confession time: chickpeas= yuck! At least that is what I thought before trying this absolutely gorgeous delicious mouth-watering recipe. I was scouring PInterest when it just called to me! I love the addition of the fried bread toast but I will admit I wasn’t too impressed with the little bit more preparation time it needed. […]

porridge and lights

We’ve been jamming to a winter vibe here at home – despite the weather NOT. Christmas decorations are yet to be put up but the fireplace has been lit multiple evenings, seasonal jingles and oldies have been playing all day and porridge has been on the menu. I would have posted this under In the […]

In the kitchen— Mushroom and spinach omelette

As much as I like to cook, I have noticed that I tend to avoid complicated recipes. A never-ending list of ingredients scares the shit out of me. I love a good challenge in the kitchen but most days I want to avoid the hassle.  That’s why I love quick, simple, get to the point […]


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