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healthy cereal for kids
in the kitchen

Healthy cereals for kids (and you!)

I can breeze through the sweets aisle at the supermarket when Georgie is with me. You see, we’ve talked about it and worked long and hard enough for him to know what I’m ok with him choosing at what not.

But the cereal aisle. Man! Completely different situation.

In fact it may actually be far worse than the sweet aisle. The colourful packaging, the chocolate coating, the superheroes and the princesses and all that hidden sugar. And then of course comes the inevitable question: ‘But mummy its breakfast cereal! It’s not sweets! Why can’t I have it?’

pregnancy massage Isis clinic

Pregnancy massage at ISIS Clinic

The lights were turned down low and the room was cosy and warm. Candles were lit and a sweet aroma filled the air. If it weren’t for the effects of this calm environment I would have been jumping for joy. Because I was about to get a pregnancy massage!

I take care of my body as much as I can. Being a person and a mother who, on occasion, ¬†experiences intense neck and back pains I feel its my duty to do whatever I can to make sure I’m as pain-free as possible. But then I go and get myself pregnant and all of a sudden I’m getting strange aches in my shoulders and legs and ooh-ing and aah-ing every time I bend over to help Georgie put his shoes on. Suffice to say I’m not happy.

in the kitchen

In the kitchen: Vegetable soup

It’s the last day of autumn and actually getting colder here in Cyprus so bring on the fireplaces, cozy jumpers and hot soups. In our home this soup is a favourite. Its easy to prepare, delicious and healthy and a great way to include the kids in the cooking process as they can help by chopping up the various soft veggies.

get fresh nicosia
on our island

Kids menu at a brunch spot in Nicosia

Over the past year or two, here in Nicosia, we’ve witnessed an eruption of brunch spots and while I couldn’t be happier about the progress being made in the culinary department of my city, I have my favourite: Get Fresh. There are lots of reasons why I love this place and now I’ve got one more. ¬†I was there picking up a juice the week before my birthday when I spotted a Kids Menu section on their brunch menu. How awesome! So on the morning of my birthday while papa had a few things to do, Georgie and I headed to Get Fresh for some brunch.

the perfect fried egg
in the kitchen

How to make the perfect fried egg

Eggs are my jam. They get my vote every time. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are easy to rustle up and are one of the best budget foods. Unless I am going for a quick and healthy on-the-go snack in which case they must be hard-boiled, I prefer them fried and runny. On brown toasted bread with a bunch of greens (one of my favourite dishes) or with fried halloumi and homemade fried potatoes or served with a beautiful hollandaise sauce. Whichever way I go one thing is for sure: that egg yolk must be cooked to perfection.