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dog days are over

Monday signaled the end to our summer holidays. For three weeks, we hopped from city to village, mountains to seaside and back home again. We ate truckloads of ice cream and spent hours at the beach. Alot of fish was consumed and sandcastles were built. And knocked down. And built again. This summer was so different from our last one with Georgie. He is so much more aware now and can actually sit still for an early evening meal with us! With other people present. It’s no secret how much I value a good night sleep for my little dude so taking him to a hotel for three nights where he’s routine was bound to be thrown off the tracks, was a bit stressful. Apart from keeping us up until midnight, the first night, he was my good little boy I proudly watched swimming in the sea and throwing sand at his cousin. There was this one moment where Georgie fell asleep while sitting on the couch with me. He was wiped out. He hasn’t done that since he was a tiny tot and I could lay him down on the couch. This picture melts my heart because my little boy is not so tiny anymore.

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holiday mix

   Life has been good this past week. We headed to the mountains on Sunday, where Georgie will also be spending a week with his grandparents while mummy and papa get some alone time. We found a gorgeous tavern sitting on a mountaintop complete with a treehouse and really good food. I think it’s called Adventure or something. There’s also a paintball field and ice rink. It’s just outside the village of Kyperounda.   The next day we went to the beach and stayed there for three days. I’m not kidding. We were at the beach ALL DAY. With the exception of naps and rest, for the most of our little holiday Georgie was covered in sunscreen and sand. Pity I forgot to be so vigilant with myself- I haven’t been sunburnt in years and now I’m heading into my thirties I’m pretty sure signals bad news for my skin. But thankfully, nothing affected us, not even Georgie’s routine being thrown off. My little dude was in a delightful mood and enjoyed everything. From the different types of food he tried for the first time- salmon sashimi and prawn crackers!- to his very first roller coaster ride and carousel ride. And yes, I was the goofy mummy with her iPhone taking pictures and recording videos that I’ll probably never watch because you can’t actually see Georgie.