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let's play, on our island

two days. two parks.

     You have no idea how insanely hot it is right now. The veranda tiles were so scorching hot today I couldn’t even step out without some sort of protection. I worry about my arm, being exposed when I’m driving. I worry about my face turning into a sack of wrinkles. I worry about the wobbly parts on my body. I worry about not eating enough fruit. But you know what? When I’m outdoors with my baby running around, exploring and taking it all in, I don’t worry. It’s like I’m seeing the world as a brand new place. The park? Wow! So many trees, so many birds!!! The beach? wOW! Water!

in the kitchen, let's play

and the fun just keeps on coming…

More fun in the sun for Georgie today when we visited yiayia and pappou – grandparents- in the village of Agios Georgios tou Kafkalou. Their whole family was there barbecuing, eating, drinking and singing, much to Georgie’s delight who even gave them a little show. He danced, clapped his hands and tried singing along! Some of papa’s cousins were even recording with their phones! oh what a proud mummy I am! Even more so when he decided to continue the dance fest at home and began dancing to the Rolling Stones!

home and design, let's play

say hello to our little friend

Papa brought home a little surprise yesterday. His name is Evo named after papa’s super fast Evolution rally car. Haha, right? Anyway Georgie seemed more interested in grabbing the jar and smashing it against his head so Evo is currently living by the window munching away on a lettuce leaf.

In other news, we paid a visit to a good friend this afternoon who had a freshly baked cake waiting for us. She also has a pretty little garden Georgie just loves to play in. No garden here, you see. This might be the ideal time to mention that we are planning on giving him exactly that. A lovely little home is being built in the village where my parents and sister live. It looks like we might be in by the end of the year which is so exciting I won’t allow myself to jump up and down JUST YET.