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Come support a good cause at the Children’s Flea Market

Georgie and I are looking forward to setting up a stall at the Children’s Flea Market this Sunday at the To Xani Christmas Market at The Cookery School in Paramytha, Limassol. We spent a good portion of the weekend rounding up all the ‘stuff’ the boys no longer need including toys and clothes and we couldn’t be happier knowing that it is all going towards a great cause. We would love to see you there!


Tips for flying with young ones/ Emirates ‘Fly With Me Monster’ Drawing Competition

This was the part that made me nervous. A part of our trip I felt I should be fully prepared for. Or else. Five hours in an aeroplane with a four-year old could have been chaotic but luckily all the tips and advice I read up on before our holiday worked like a charm. While kids cannot be expected to sit still or sleep on demand, there are ways to keep them entertained and preoccupied and most importantly, somewhat quiet. Here are my favourite tips for flying with young ones:

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Mummy Beautiful// 04

This week on Mummy Beautiful: Carine Khoury, mother of two.

What is your daytime skincare routine? I apply BB cream and a bit of makeup.

What is your nighttime skincare routine? What goes on, must come off. I don’t go to bed without using a makeup remover and a cleansing milk.

Favourite beauty product? I love moisturisers, mascara and nail polish.