ducks and cakes

    Yesterday my daddy turned 64. My mum said he came downstairs in the morning singing…will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64! I hope to have that kind of attitude when I turn 40 let alone 64! Bravo papa! In other news, the ducks at my parents’ house […]


Even at the moment I was clicking on the ‘book now’ icon, I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing was ‘right’. I would be enjoying five whole days with friends I love, in a gorgeous European city, photographing all day,drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, buying quirky bits and bobs, walking through parks…but without my […]

odd ends…with commentary

  Need I say ANYTHING!    We are experiencing some weird weather conditions. It rained today. I think we’re nearing a tropical climate more and more every year.           My really good friend Ilia was on TV this morning demonstrating her ridiculously perfect makeup skills. Woohoo!      Georgie playing with his […]

water, baby

   There’s a reason I sort of ‘believe’ in star signs. Georgie’s a Pisces and guess what? he LOVES water! I don’t know if all kids are as obsessed with water as my little dude is. If so then I have a question, parents? how do you ever get them away from it??? You have […]

odd ends…from a friday night

Georgie is at granny’s for the night so papa and I are just chilling…Watching Girl, Interrupted – for the millionth time-and obsessing over wood choices and beautiful magazine inspirations while of course trying to enjoy this gluten free chocolate cake. I have to say: no gluten, no good. Goodnight.

what grandfathers are for

Georgie has a lot of love surrounding him. His grandfather, who he is also named after, is one of the most important people in his life. He had been meaning to buy a little house for Georgie to play in when he stays over but eventually decided to make one out of cardboard! It’s so […]


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