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rain, babies and forklifts

There is so much catching up to do on this little blog of mine. Shall we start with the weather? It’s been lovely and extremely wet these past few days. However, that subsequently meant that once Georgie was down for the evening I would make a little excuse about the rain, curl up in bed and watch The Walking Dead instead. Excellent tV show, by the way. I desperately wanted to take the 5 second walk to my mum’s where i can use the internet -because we still do not have a connection at the house- but zombies can be highly addictive, you know.We visit papa and Georgie’s grandparents at their workplace regularly and Georgie always ends up on the forklift with his pappou. However, over this past week he has taken this activity to another level. His face is dead serious as he turns the steering wheel and looks straight ahead. He really thinks he is driving it! It’s hilarious to watch.                                                                                                                      Little dude has also become an expert on taking pictures with my iPhone. This is his very first of me! Changing his nappy.By far the highlight of our week was the birth of this little lady. Her mama is one of my besties. So proud of you agapi. xxx

for dad message

a message

     …to my daddy who is recovering extremely well in London after his surgery. My mum and uncles told me he woke up briefly to tell them he loved them and thanked them. He then turned round to my uncle and said ROCK ON! I laughed with all my heart after a day, I can only explain as one of the worst of my life- and that goes for everyone in my family.

let's play

all that matters

      My parents left for London this afternoon. My daddy needs surgery. Sigh. I have been writing and deleting wondering if this is something i truly want to share here on the blog. But you know what?  It is. Because this is a trying time for my family and this blog is about both the good times and bad that I know all families have. The photos are a reminder to me and Georgie that despite these difficult times, we were surrounded by loved ones. And that’s all that  matters.

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ducks and cakes

    Yesterday my daddy turned 64. My mum said he came downstairs in the morning singing…will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64! I hope to have that kind of attitude when I turn 40 let alone 64! Bravo papa! In other news, the ducks at my parents’ house where in need of some water after the lining in the pond tore, so the whole family decided to help. Georgie as usual insisted on holding the hose and checking the whole situation was under control.     Erm, even the cat seemed interested???? Looks more like he wants that camera OUT OF HIS FACE!  Twas a beautiful evening. Georgie loved being outdoors, as usual and my soon-to-be home is finally taking form. Makes me so excited about moving there…    Plus I get to see this crazy bunch all the time!