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Dressing the bump – 10 ways

The other day a family friend looked at my bump and said the nicest thing: Wow! Such a cute little belly. You look great! I was caught off-guard because usually people are quick to note that I look huge but I gave her a big smile, said thank you and went on to explain that as this is my third pregnancy I feel I have become an expert in ‘dressing the bump’.

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Pregnancy style: Two favourite items

Sorry about the silence that took over last week. I got caught up in the middle of updating or upgrading and backing up my laptop, not to mention sorting through thousands of photos, videos and documents. And seeing as I am 38 weeks pregnant, technological advances, stress and multi-tasking come with limitations.

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Travelling while pregnant / What to pack and what to carry

Georgie and I will be taking a little four-day trip to Vienna this week. He’s super excited about it as am I because we both love travelling so much. And despite having been to Vienna before I can’t wait to go back and take Georgie with me as it’s such a beautiful and child-friendly destination. And so close! Just a three and a half hour airplane ride from Cyprus.