summer nights

    Georgie is finally at that stage where a night out won’t mess with his routine or my patience. I always make sure he’s had a good nap in the afternoon, possibly later than usual, and that our destination is somewhat kid-friendly. We decided to grab an early dinner last night at a gorgeous […]

breaking the routine

        When papa called on Friday afternoon to tell me we were spending the weekend by the beach, I swear i did a little dance. Georgie was off to his grandmother’s for the night so that gave me plenty of time to pack for me and a busy 16-month old. I change […]

seek refuge in the mountains

  When temperatures begin to soar seek refuge in the mountains. Seriously! It was the kind of weather where you kinda need a cardigan but bearing your shoulders is just as much an option whereas in the city you just wanted to shoot yourself. Kakopetria, the village we chose to spend our Sunday, relaxes me. […]

mother’s day lunch

Spent an entirely relaxing day yesterday which didn’t even include checking my e-mails. that’s how relaxing it was! so today i’m posting a super yummy and healthy lunch Georgie and I really enjoyed. i stopped by Get Fresh and picked up some sushi for me, edamame and a salad with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and […]

don’t judge me…i’m a mother

The other day I remembered a usual and casual evening i spent with my friend and her toddler when i was pregnant with Georgie. We were at a restaurant and the little one would not sit still! Nothing unusual there, right? But then he started playing with the napkins, a spoon, the ketchup bottle eventually […]

yummy time

I promised myself i wouldn’t give in to all that baby talk and ridiculous words some people come up with when talking to kids – especially here in Cyprus- but when we’re on the subject of food none other than yummy sounds appropriate. Anyway, Georgie doesn’t like long meals. Like most kids his age he […]


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