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A favourite spot in the old town of Nicosia

Lately, I have been spending my nights tending to a dreaded project on my long and looming to-do list: sorting through 10,000 photos, all of which are on my laptop. Hours fly by as I painstakingly view every single one, discarding or fixing up and eventually saving or setting to one side to print. I have unearthed many long-forgotten photos such as these from a Saturday afternoon at one of our favourite spots in Old Nicosia, Tria Fanaria.
Located behind the Faneromeni church and square, on one of the pedestrian streets next to Ledra Street, we consider this patisserie, open since 1952 (!) to be one of the few places (that is not a playground) where we can go and relax with Georgie. There’s plenty of space for him to ride his scooter without us having to worry about cars driving by while we take in the old city vibes.No matter how much papa and I love taking Georgie to places where the walls are not plastered with Mickey Mouse images, if the food is a disaster, we ain’t going. Luckily that isn’t the case with Tria Fanaria and their bougatsa with cream. I couldn’t tell you what the spinach and cheese pies taste like nor the baklava, galaktopoureko and other traditional sweets because I simply cannot resist a bougatsa with cream and a hot coffee on a Saturday afternoon under the shade of the big old trees. Georgie is a massive bougatsa and cream fan too although his choice of beverage is a chocolate milkshake. Another reason we like going there are the ridiculously low prices. Two bougatses, two coffees and a milkshake will cost you less than 10 euros. 

in the kitchen, let's play

summer nights

    Georgie is finally at that stage where a night out won’t mess with his routine or my patience. I always make sure he’s had a good nap in the afternoon, possibly later than usual, and that our destination is somewhat kid-friendly. We decided to grab an early dinner last night at a gorgeous little taverna in Aglantzia, Nicosia. Georgie fed the cats souvlaki and spent half the evening staring up at the beautiful lights. He’s almost 17 months now and becoming such a character. But above all, he’s a happy baby. People notice that at once when they meet him and although I’m not too keen on him walking up to complete strangers, I am very proud my baby is growing up with a smile on his face.

on our island

breaking the routine

        When papa called on Friday afternoon to tell me we were spending the weekend by the beach, I swear i did a little dance. Georgie was off to his grandmother’s for the night so that gave me plenty of time to pack for me and a busy 16-month old. I change him on average twice a day and that’s not including his pajamas. So the point was not to not overdo it with the packing…but then again, we’ll be at the beach, I thought to myself, which means he’ll be needing at least two shirts for each day… Next, snacks! And nappies for the water! Anyway, I like to think I didn’t take that much for one night.

on our island

seek refuge in the mountains

  When temperatures begin to soar seek refuge in the mountains. Seriously! It was the kind of weather where you kinda need a cardigan but bearing your shoulders is just as much an option whereas in the city you just wanted to shoot yourself. Kakopetria, the village we chose to spend our Sunday, relaxes me. The absolutely amazing food at the Ais Giorkis tavern is unbeatable and so are the loukoumades (honey balls) served at a cute outdoor cafe with a playground! Needless to say, it took four people to keep up with the little dude after he had three honey balls! The drive to the village is also totally worth it especially if you’re accompanying over ten different colored vintage Minis. A day well-spent. x 

in the kitchen, let's play

mother’s day lunch

Spent an entirely relaxing day yesterday which didn’t even include checking my e-mails. that’s how relaxing it was! so today i’m posting a super yummy and healthy lunch Georgie and I really enjoyed. i stopped by Get Fresh and picked up some sushi for me, edamame and a salad with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and avocado for georgie. i also sneaked in some rice from my sushi. i haven’t given him any to try yet-sushi, i mean- even though the doc did say it’s ok. i feel i should give him a little more time and then papa, him and me can all go out for sushi and maki.