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Three easy DIY Face Masks that actually work

While there’s little I can do about those bags under my eyes, I suppose I could sort out some form of babysitting and make my way to a spa or a really great facialist and get myself a proper skin treatment. Obviously that’s not gonna happen. So in the meantime I’m improvising. I’ve been researching ways I can treat my skin from home. Apart from proper cleansing, face masks should be a top priority for everyone because they can make the world of difference. I should know, I’ve been trying a few over the past month and have nailed down my favourite three DIY face masks you can make with stuff you already have in your kitchen. And actually get results.

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My favourite DIY face scrub

I have a pretty basic and easy-to-follow skincare routine. As much as I would like to dedicate more time to cleansing, washing, prepping and masking, I’m just not the type.  But there is one little thing that I do and I freaking love it. If you’re like me and like keeping things minimal, simple and as less time-consuming as possible but of course you still want a glowy, dewy complexion, read on.

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Free and easy beauty trick: The ice cube facial

I am at that stage in my pregnancy where everything is swollen.

My hands, feet, boobs, ass and face are all nice and round as my mum elegantly put it the other day. Whenever possible I’ve been lying around with my legs up in the air and I am trying to lessen the hours I spend on my laptop because typing is doing no favours to my aching hands and wrists.

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Mummy Beautiful// 04

This week on Mummy Beautiful: Carine Khoury, mother of two.

What is your daytime skincare routine? I apply BB cream and a bit of makeup.

What is your nighttime skincare routine? What goes on, must come off. I don’t go to bed without using a makeup remover and a cleansing milk.

Favourite beauty product? I love moisturisers, mascara and nail polish.


Mummy Beautiful // 03

This week on Mummy Beautiful: Emilia Koushoumi, mother of four.

What is your daytime skincare routine? I’ll be honest and say I don’t really bother too much with my skin during the day unless I feel dry in which case I use a moisturiser.

What is your nighttime skincare routine? I wash my face with water and nothing else before I go to bed. Again I may apply a moisturiser but not always because I don’t feel my skin needs it.