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The coolest t-shirts a Cypriot will ever own


DSC_2244The Cypriot dialect is packed with the most colourful and mouth-filling words, accents and tones. Some say that when spoken, the Cypriotr dialect may as well be sung. They say it’s a beautiful melodic conjunction of various cultural influences.

IMG_3821I say it’s downright hilarious. With a deep-rooted verbal connection to sayings such as Giati Etsi Thelei To Katti, I Sitzia Tou Mavrou and Lamna’Rota it’s almost as though we’ve created the basis of a secret language spoken by few in the world. They are, I believe, the true beauty of the Cypriot dialect, the weird and often inexplicable Kipriaka.

This is one of the reasons I have been dying to present to you Romeo Tees, the coolest t-shirts a Cypriot will ever own. All these funny expressions we have known our whole lives have been processed and teamed with modern and comical designs by the genius mind behind Romeo Tees who evidently knew how hard you and I would smile if we saw someone walking down the street wearing a t-shirt with the word Sikkime written on it.

As you can see, kids sizes’ are also available. I was happy to see that the material used is soft and breathable while the designs are kid-friendly but with the kind of effortless and cool style you rarely find.









I am so happy to be able to share the work of a local artist who deserves our support. This is one of the reasons this blog was created.

You can see all the fantastic designs on the Romeo Tees website and place your order by sending a message to Mike, who is the designer, on Facebook or via e-mail // Also if you place your order by midnight tonight you’ll get your t-shirt delivered to you free of charge. 

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