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I’m back with more links on parenthood. Once the little ones are down for the night, you can read up on school lunch ideas, yoga poses for back pain, motherhood depression, having a third baby and an article a mother wrote about being naked in front of her kids.

To be or not to be naked in front of your little one? This is a topic I find myself discussing with other mothers of little boys on a regular basis.

An awesome website with tons of school lunch ideas.

This one is not exclusive for parents. If you’re back at the desk and you’re feeling the damage a prolonged seating position can cause, check out these yoga poses.

You add a dash of yummy and healthy to the kids’ school lunch boxes but what about you?  A reminder of high energy foods and healthy snack ideas.

A high-profile blogger in NYC shares her feelings on motherhood depression and weaning. Respect.

A friend, who is expecting her third child, sent me the link to this funny blog post called the Brutal Truth about the Third Child.

Have a great week! x

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