The Parent Hood

DSC_1009I am declaring a REGULAR new post theme called The Parent Hood. Thrilling title I know but this isn’t coming from a busy office with coffee breaks and a Ryan Gosling look-alike taking notes. It’s coming from a woman who has seriously overdue chipped nail varnish, dirty feet dangling off the bed and the faint scent of fry-up in her hair keeping her from coming up with something better to name said regular new post theme. Oh and also, I am dying to re-watch the last episode of Game of Thrones. Obsessed is not the right word.

But first, I want to share some interesting links. During the many hours I spend online, I tend to gear towards articles or blogs on parenting, tips and advice from mothers and general kiddie amusement, I’m guessing only a parent would find to be so. Most times I don’t have the time to read, so I keep a weekly folder where I drop what I will enjoy going through on a quiet evening with a hot cup of tea. If that sounds nice, I hope you stay tuned and marvel at a little thing called Parenthood.

Absolutely disgusting! And ever so true.

This mother’s story. It’s a long read but eye-opening guaranteed.

A new favourite. I love reading Meredith’s posts because she makes me laugh out loud. For real.

There are hundreds of blogs and websites that cover motherhood from what to wear to what to feed your kids but I like the Mother style.

Bashing the stay-at-home mum. It never ends. I’ve read a ton of articles on the feministic approach to women who chose to not work and they all make me laugh. Just let it be, girls.



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