I wasn’t too keen on the idea of taking Georgie to a waterpark- a wild toddler amongst swimming pools is what I call NERVE-WRACKING!-but I am so glad we did. It’s a new family ‘tradition’ we have had every summer for the past six years-maybe even more and this was our first time as parents -last year at only five months old, Georgie stayed home. It was also the first time Georgie felt the flutter of jumping into a swimming pool. He kicked his legs and stretched his little arms. These moments…

Notes: We went to WaterWorld in Agia Napa/They have a new kiddie pool which isn’t even a pool. The water is ankle deep which meant Georgie could play freely/Although I wasn’t impressed by the fast food Burger Palace, I was happy to find sushi/ Take a pram. Someone might need a nap and a bit of restraining for mummy’s heart’s sake.

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