We’re on TV!

Earlier last month, I received a phone call from a good friend of ours who owns a post- production company. He said his team was scouting locations for an upcoming TV ad and they would like to see our home as a possible candidate. Despite this new house of ours being nowhere near finished as far as my high interior expectations are concerned, I agreed. A lovely lady showed up the next day to take some pictures of our bedroom, Georgie’s bedroom and the living room, which were spaces they needed for the ad. She also took pictures and videos of Georgie and me! Turns out they needed a couple of people to be in the ad too. More specifically, a mummy and her baby to join two other mothers with their babies, who would also be part of the project. The ad would be for nappies (diapers, for my American friends) and Georgie and I would be IN IT! The actual confirmation didn’t come until two days before they were set to shoot, so I didn’t really have time to fully digest what a truly amazing experience this turned out to be for us. Georgie and me on an average day- –except for the makeup, hair, new clothes and a taped t-shirt on G. I am so glad I didn’t wimp out and say ‘no’ because I absolutely love the end result. The new Nannies ad is playing on Cyprus TV channels as of yesterday, so I can finally put it on the blog along with so many other sweet memories. I hope you like it!

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