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What I feed my one year old

Ah, the eating chapter. There are days when it tires me to my core. James is a completely unpredictable and fussy eater. One day he wants to feed himself the next day he screams bloody murder when I put a slice of avocado in front of him. He’s also slim for his age but of course that’s because he’s too busy burning off whatever he does actually eat. So I’ve had to do some homework and find tasty treats and combinations that he likes. Here’s what’s working with James lately. 

Cinammon banana bits warmed and rolled in rice crispies: OK this is a totally weird one but it worked. Because unless it’s mashed in porridge or used in pancakes or bread, he won’t eat bananas. So I sautéed a sliced banana added some cinnamon and then rolled the slices in some rice crispies I had poured on his tray. He loved it.

Pancakes: Always! I can add fruit and tons of butter and most importantly, chia seeds and he gobbles them down. I tear the pancakes into pieces and add some maple syrup too.

Roasted chicken: If I could feed him chicken all day I totally would because he never refuses torn up, bite-size pieces of chicken.

Pink porridge: He could be kicking and bending over backwards not to sit in his highchair but once he tastes the sweet delight that is pink porridge aka porridge with mashed strawberries and cherries, he’s mesmerised. This has been our go-to dinner for the last week. You can replace the porridge with Weetabix biscuits if time is limited.

Big fat oven baked chips: I always boil potatoes before putting them in the oven. It’s one of the best cooking tips I have discovered. Before I serve these to James I cut off the tips so he can suck all the soft mashy filling.

Yoghurt with rice cereal and fruit: Fruit could be anything -apricots, plums, bananas, apples- as long as it’s pureed because this is one I prefer to feed him. It can become really messy and if it’s nowhere near bath time then absolutely no way am I BLWing it. I mix in rice cereal or baby cornflakes because as I mentioned James needs all the food he can get to energise that busy body of his. He also likes plain goat’s yoghurt, which is weird because goat’s yoghurt smells and you’d think that would put him off.

Melted cheese on toast: I feel like crying when I make this for James because it contains everything that my body disagrees with. But it’s melted cheese on toast FFS! Anyway, a top favourite with James. Again toast is torn to bits and he feeds himself happily every morning.

Cheerios: Such a hassle to clean up especially when you soak them in some milk – I use almond milk which is James’ favourite- because they become so sticky and can literally go everywhere. But they are one of James’ absolute favourite easy snacks when I don’t have anything else in the house.

Scrambled eggs: This is my go-to breakfast which I whip up with some turmeric and very little black pepper if I’m sharing a plate with James. It’s super easy for him to pick up the pieces of egg and scoff them down.

I’m always on the lookout for new tasty options to feed my little dude so hit me up with some suggestions. I’d love to know what you feed your little ones.


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  • Reply Nicole July 2, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Great ideas Eleni! My 9 month old absolutely loves banana mashed with avocado, really refreshing in the heat

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